Tommy Robinson is DELETED from Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram delete Tommy Robinson’s profiles because the EDL founder broke social media giant’s rules on ‘organised hate’

  • Tommy Robinson’s ban from the platforms follow him being kicked off Twitter 
  • Statement from Facebook cited rules on members engaging in ‘organised hate’ 
  • Social media giant accused page of calling for violence targeted at Muslims 

Facebook has deleted Tommy Robinson’s private profile, public page and Instagram account.

It comes after the English Defence League founder was also banned from Twitter. 

He had more than a million followers on his main Facebook page until today’s ban. 

Tommy Robinson (pictured) has been removed from the platform and accused of calling for violence against Muslims 

This is what will greet followers hoping to gain access to Tommy Robinson’s Facebook page

Instagram has also removed the EDL founder’s account, Facebook has revealed today

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Facebook said in a statement that when ‘ideas and opinions cross the line and amount to hate speech that may create an environment of intimidation and exclusion for certain groups in society – in some cases with potentially dangerous offline implications’ and require the platform to ‘take action’. 

Tommy Robinson (pictured outside the Old Bailey in October last year) has been banned from Facebook 

‘Our public Community Standards state this sort of speech is not acceptable on Facebook – and when we become aware of it, we remove it as quickly as we can,’ it continued. 

‘Our rules also make clear that individuals and organizations that are engaged in “organized hate” are not allowed on the platform, and that praise or support for these figures and groups is also banned. 

‘This is true regardless of the ideology they espouse.

‘Tommy Robinson’s Facebook Page has repeatedly broken these standards, posting material that uses dehumanizing language and calls for violence targeted at Muslims. 

‘He has also behaved in ways that violate our policies around organized hate. 

‘As a result, in accordance with our policies, we have removed Tommy Robinson’s official Facebook Page and Instagram profile. 

‘This is not a decision we take lightly, but individuals and organizations that attack others on the basis of who they are have no place on Facebook or Instagram.’

Tommy Robinson (pictured addressing a rally in Salford, Greater Manchester on Sunday) has now been banned from three major social media platforms 

The English Defence League founder (pictured in Salford on Sunday) has been accused of sharing material on Facebook that calls for violence against Muslims 

Anti-racist pressure group Hope not Hate welcomed the decision today to remove profiles belonging to Mr Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.

Nick Lowles, chief executive of HOPE not hate, said: ‘Stephen Lennon is a far-right thug who uses his platform to bully, abuse and stir up division, monetising his hatred to earn huge sums while hiding behind a fake free speech mantle. 

‘Lennon has a long record of abuse towards minorities such as Muslims, so we welcome today’s decision as well as Facebook’s continued actions in cleaning up their platform.’

It comes just days after Mr Robinson appeared to make racist comments while asking for a taxi driver, which he described as ‘little p*** that drives a car’ in a drunken video. 

In the video, which he shot on his phone, he also rants about being ‘the king of the whole Islam race’ and fighting for Israel if war broke out with Palestine.

Going on Facebook to respond shortly after the video was published by The Sun on February 13, Robinson said the video was shared between friends in a private group.

He claimed he was very drunk when the video was made and his comments were ‘banter’ after he also bragged he could score ‘gear’ in the country.

He denied he had bought drugs in Qatar, which he claimed was near-impossible, and said Asian and black friends were in the messaging group with whom he shared the video. 

Last month, YouTube suspended adverts on Robinson’s account, saying he breached rules which prohibit the promotion of ‘hatred, intolerance and discrimination’. 

Mr Robinson also waded into a row following the targeting of a Syrian refugee at a school near Huddersfield. 

A bully was filmed headbutting a 16-year-old called Jamal before dragging him to the floor, pouring water over his face and threatening to drown him.

Following the incident, Mr Robinson took to Facebook to falsely accused the victim of attacking three English girls and a boy. 

Last month the youngster’s family announced that it was pursuing legal action against Facebook for allowing ‘defamation’ on the social media platform.  

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