Tot cheats death after nearly falling through train loo onto track as carriage floor was missing

A HORRIFIED mum found the floor missing as she opened the loo door on a moving train for her toddler.

She just grabbed her son before he fell on to the exposed carriage wheels on the South Devon Railway, a steam-powered tourist line.

The lad suffered shock and bruising in a near-miss branded “extraordinarily incompetent” by rail buffs.

The government department's initial report into the "dangerous incident" states that service had left Staverton and was travelling at 20mph on June 22.

It adds: "A passenger and her small child attempted to enter a lavatory compartment in the fourth carriage.

"On opening the door, they found that the floor of the compartment was missing, exposing the carriage wheels below.

"The mother was able to catch hold of the child and prevent him from falling. The child reportedly suffered minor bruising and both were shocked."

The ageing ex-British Railways carriage had just been put back into service after braking system repairs which required the removal of the floor.

South Devon Railway is a charity that has run the seven-mile former Great Western Railway branch line as a tourist attraction for 50 years.

The railway’s development manager Dick Wood said sorry and added: “On the day in question, something clearly went wrong with our safety control and hazard monitoring systems as evidenced by the incident having taken place – it simply should not have happened.”

Investigators have been told that the floor was removed for repairs.


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The lad suffered shock and bruising in the near-miss incidentCredit: Sourced
South Devon Railway admitted the incident 'should not have happened'Credit: Apex News


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