Tragedy as mother who welcomed quintuplets reveals 3-day-old son dies

Tragedy as mother and her British husband who welcomed quintuplets reveal three-day-old son has died

    A Polish-British couple who recently welcomed quintuplets to their family have tragically revealed that their ‘amazing angel’ three-day-old son has died.

    Dominika Clarke, already a parent to seven children ranging from 10 months to 12 years old, gave birth to the quintuplets on Sunday afternoon just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

    The mother said it was a ‘miracle’ pregnancy, revealing that the chances of conceiving quintuplets were one in 52 million.

    However, on Wednesday it was confirmed that Henry James, the fifth of two boys and three girls born through a caesarean section, passed away. 

    Both his mother and British father, Vincent Clarke, originally from Solihull, said they were absolutely devastated.

    Dominika Clarke and husband Vince welcomed five babies at a Krakow hospital on Sunday afternoon

    The couple said they are absolutely devastated after their three-day-old son died

    ‘You’re on a massive high and then it was like being winded,’ Vincent told the Mirror.

    ‘It’s been really hard because they were all stable and then we lost Henry. It was so sudden and such a shock.

    ‘We have absolutely no blame for the hospital in our hearts. They tried everything to bring him back.’

    The software engineer did say that the family will ‘continue to be positive’ despite the sad news, turning their support and effort to the other 11 children. 

    Vincent added: ‘It was an absolute honour and privilege being chosen for little Henry’s parents. We enjoyed every second of time we were able to spend with him.’ 

    The five babies, ranging in weight from 25 to 49 ounces, were born at the University Hospital in Krakow, Poland.  

    The children – three girls and two boys – were named Arianna Daisy, Charles Patrick, Elizabeth May, Evangeline Rose and Henry James

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