Trump Had 'Nightmare' Answering Mueller's Russia Collusion Questions, Giuliani Reveals, Trump Said It Was Easy

Donald Trump took three weeks to answer Robert Mueller’s Russia collusion questions, Rudy Giuliani says, though it should have taken only two days.

Three weeks after Donald Trump finished his written answers to a series of questions about possible collusion between his 2016 presidential campaign and Russia, and saying according to C-Span via Twitter, “I’ve answered them rather easily,” Trump’s lawyer in the Russia case is telling a very different story.

In fact, it was a “nightmare” for Trump to answer the questions from Russia investigation special counsel Robert Mueller, according to what Rudy Giuliani — the former New York City mayor and longtime Trump friend who is acting as Trump’s lawyer and public spokesperson in the case — told the Atlantic Monthly.

“Answering those questions was a nightmare,” Giuliani told Atlantic reporter Elaina Plott.

“It took him about three weeks to do what would normally take two days.”

A list of what was reported to be Mueller’s questions for Trump was leaked by White House lawyers in May. As Inquisitr reported at the time, they included questions about the June 9, 2016, Trump Tower meeting between a group of Russian emissaries led by a Kremlin-linked lawyer and Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr., his then-Campaign Chair Paul Manafort, and Trump’s adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

According to CNN, Trump in his answers denied that knew anything about the Trump Tower meeting that has since become a key event of interest in Mueller’s investigation.

On November 16, Trump said that he had finished his written answers to Mueller’s questions, and according to CNN, he denied his lawyers — presumably including Giuliani — had ghostwritten the answers for him.

“I write the answers. My lawyers don’t write answers. I write answers. I was asked a series of questions. I’ve answered them very easily — very easily,” Trump told reporters. He also said that he was not “agitated” by the progress of Mueller’s investigation, despite a lengthy series of angry tweets attacking the probe and Mueller personally.

“There should have never been a so-called investigation, which, in theory, it’s not an investigation of me. But it’s, as far as I’m concerned, I like to take everything personally because you do better that way. I imagine it’s ending now. From what I’m hearing, it’s ending and I’m sure it’ll be just fine, and you know why it’s going to be just fine? Because there was no collusion,” Trump said in his statements to reporters three weeks ago.

But the Russia investigation was not ending in mid-November. Just last week, Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to lying under oath about his Russia contacts, as Inquisitr reported, and this week, Mueller revealed that Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn — who has also pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about Russia contacts — has given “substantial assistance” to the Russia investigation, as reported by Inquisitr, as well.

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