Trump 'wants to send $1,200 stimulus checks to help US kids' but 'Pelosi and Schumer won't negotiate in good faith'

PRESIDENT Trump wants to pass a new coronavirus relief package that includes $1,200 stimulus checks for Americans, but Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin claims top Democrats won't budge on the bill.

Mnuchin told Fox Business Monday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer "just don't want to negotiate in good faith."

Mnuchin said Democrats and Republicans agree on "many, many issues" included in the bill, however, they have yet to come to an agreement on how much the package will cost.

"The president wants us to help with more money for kids and jobs," Mnuchin said. "We're going to keep trying because it's too important for the American people."

Mnuchin's comments mimic those made by White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows Sunday.

Meadows said that the Trump administration had offered up a $1.3trillion package that included another round of $1,200 stimulus checks for eligible Americans, but Pelosi was refusing to budge on a $2.2trillion package offered up by Democrats.

Both Meadows and Mnuchin have claimed that Pelosi is not being clear about what the extra money would go towards.

"Here's the problem … she puts forth a number, suggests that she came down, and yet she's willing to turn down $1.3trillion of help that goes to the American people because she would rather them have nothing than to give way on what her fantasy objection might be," Meadows told NBC Sunday.

"I had a conversation with Speaker Pelosi and even on her $2.2trillion counter offer, she can't tell the American people, nor me, what is in that," he continued.

"I can tell you what is in the offer the president has made and he's willing to sign – enhanced unemployment at levels she would agree with, enhanced help for small businesses at levels she would agree with. Literally, help for daycare and hospitals at levels she would agree with, and help for schools at levels she would agree with," Meadows said.

House Democrats earlier this year passed a $3trillion HEROES Act to provide financial relief for Americans amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but Republicans rejected the bill and countered with a $1trillion package of their own.

Republicans have since raised the price of their proposed package to $1.3trillion.

Speaker Pelosi on Friday said that the new package still "continues to disregard the needs" of Americans in a statement.

Both sides seem to agree that a relief package should include another round of stimulus checks for Americans, but seem to be stuck on other specifics of the bill.

The Senate is currently on recess until Tuesday, September 8, which means even if a new package is passed quickly upon return, Americans probably still wouldn't see stimulus checks in the mail until at least October.

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