Tucker Carlson gets offered work at a string of Putin's media

‘We’ll happily give you a job’: Tucker Carlson gets offered work at a string of Putin’s state-run media, including Russia Today, hours after he is fired from Fox News

  • The announcement of Carlson’s firing drew a strong reaction from Russia Today
  • Other TV hosts offered the now-former Fox News presenter a job 

Tucker Carlson received a series of work offers from Russian state media after Fox News announced it would part ways with the long-running host on Monday.

The announcement that Carlson would be leaving the network drew strong reactions from supporters and critics on social media Monday, including from the Kremlin-linked news outlet Russia Today (RT). 

The conservative show host has faced widespread criticism over his stance on a variety of contentious topics including the 2020 presidential election and the Russia-Ukraine war, as he has voiced criticisms against Ukraine and its president Volodymyr Zelensky, earning him praise from Russia. Despite the backlash, Carlson frequently ranked among the most-watched cable news hosts in the country. 

RT, who have previously released content in support of Carlson took to Twitter and appeared to make a job offer to the now-former host. 

Julia Davis, a journalist who frequently reports on Russian state television, responded to the offer, writing: ‘Almost too predictable.’

RT, who have previously released content in support of Carlson took to Twitter and appeared to make a work offer to the now-former host

Carlson was also offered a role by Vladimir Solovyov, who hosts Evening With Vladimir Solovyov on Russia-1

‘@TuckerCarlson regularly platformed disinformation agents and genocide deniers on topics from Syria to Ukraine. It’s only fitting an outlet like Russia Today would court him,’ tweeted political scientist Sophie Fullerton.

In a statement to Newsweek, a spokesperson for Russia Today wrote: ‘We already had the pleasure of working with the greats like Julian Assange and the late Larry King, and had extended an invite to President Trump in 2020, and we continue to welcome outspoken, diverse personalities on our network.’

Meanwhile, Carlson was also offered a role by Vladimir Solovyov, who hosts Evening With Vladimir Solovyov on Russia-1. He wrote in a Telegram post, ‘Tucker, come join us. You don’t have to be afraid of taking the p*** out of Biden here.’

Clips from Carlson’s Fox News show have been used in the past on Russian state TV, which tends to back the decisions of Russian President Vladimir Putin. With the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, which Putin launched in February 2022, the Kremlin has cracked down on dissent and criticisms against its political positions.

Fox announced on Monday morning that they would be parting ways with Carlson, writing in a statement that the conservative host’s last show aired on Friday. Fox wrote, ‘FOX News Media and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways. We thank him for his service to the network as a host and prior to that as a contributor.’

In an extended statement Solovyov said on Monday that the U.S. mainstream media had ‘lost its last remaining voice of reason’ after Fox host Tucker Carlson abruptly left the network.

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Kimmel – who included a supercut of Carlson’s ‘worst moments’ – said it was a ‘delightful shock’ to see him gone

In an email to Carlson posted to Telegram, Vladimir Solovyov, an anchor on Russia-1, said he ‘wholeheartedly’ supported Carlson’s decision.

‘You have our admiration and support in any endeavor you choose for yourself next, be it running for president of the United States (which you probably should totally do, by the way) or making an independent media project,’ Solovyov said. ‘We’ll happily offer you a job if you wish to carry on as a presenter and host!’

Solovyov is one of the most influential propagandists in Russia. He has been an anchor on Russia-1 since 2012. In March 2022, YouTube blocked Solovyov’s channels for violating the company’s ‘incitement to violence’ rules.

The cable news giant said that Carlson’s last program was Friday, April 21, and that starting Monday evening, the network will air its show ‘Fox News Tonight’ as ‘an interim show helmed by rotating FOX News personalities until a new host is named.’

The network did not say why it would be parting ways with him, but it follows on from a series of recent controversies concerning the host.

Some of his closest staff were unaware that his show had been axed , reading about it for the first time on Twitter.

‘No one I know was told about it beforehand. We were blindsided,’ one senior staffer who works closely with Tucker’s show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, told DailyMail.com.

Another insider revealed he still has no idea why he was let go so suddenly, and that many staffers are now questioning whether it’s part of a wider plan by the Murdoch family to sell the media behemoth.

‘Tucker still hasn’t been given any indication of why he was taken off the air. His producer Justin Wells was fired too.

‘We believe Rupert wants to sell the company and it’s harder to find an institutional buyer with Tucker as the main star.

‘Tucker gone makes it more of an appealing media company to buy,’ the source said.

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