UK weather forecast – Hottest day of the YEAR forecast today as 29C scorcher is set to top Greece

TODAY could be the hottest day of the YEAR so far with highs of 29C set to beat temperatures in Majorca, Rhodes and Rome.

Boozy Brits can bask in the glorious sunshine on a day of epic sporting clashes across the globe.

Brits are set to bask in 29C heat today with parts of the country hotter than Greece, with this weather map showing the hottest conditions in the south and east

The Met Office says today is likely to be the hottest day of the year, with this weather map showing scorching conditions in England and Wales

East Anglia and the south east of England will see the best of the warmth, but the Met Office has forecast sunshine across much of the country.

Footie fans are expected to soak up the sunshine in pub beer gardens ahead of the all-England Champions League final between Liverpool and Spurs at 8pm tonight.

And the sun will also be out for the Epsom Derby as it kicks off at the Surrey raceground at 2pm.

Those staying up late might also catch the clash between heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and Ruiz Jr in their much-anticipated New York face-0ff.


Met Office Forecaster Richard Miles said: "Saturday is set to be pretty warm with temperatures of between 28/29C.

"Sunday will be wetter and it is expected to windy in the northwest of the country.

"There will be a bit of coastal fog in south England and Wales on Saturday morning but the day should be very warm."

He continued: "The south east will hang on to that warm, dry weather on Sunday, while the west starts to see a build-up of cloud, with rain later on.

"Scotland will see a few showers across both days, and the same in the north on Sunday."


Temperatures in London will reach highs of 26C (78.8F), and 24C (75.2F) the following day, accompanied by light rain in the evening.

Most of Scotland will be cloudy on Saturday, with highs of 16C (60.8F), but will see heavy rain on Sunday morning.

Northern England should stay around 18C (64.4F) on both days.

It comes after highs of 21.6C were reached on Friday, the last day of May, in Sheffield, Cranwell in Lincs and Tibenham in Norfolk.

The average temperature for June is 17C (62.6F) and its likely that most of the UK should be warmer on Saturday.

Bookies have slashed odds to just 1-6 on tomorrow being the hottest day of the year so far in the UK.

Coral has cut odds on next month being the hottest June on record in the UK into 5-4 (from 2-1) following a surge of bets.

But the hot weather won't last long as heavy rain is expected to arrive on Sunday.

And cool temperatures will return next week – making the heatwave short-lived.

The difference between the two days is down to the high pressure which will dominate much of Saturday being replaced by low pressure on Sunday.

John Hill from Coral, said: "This weekend looks set to bring the hottest day of the year so far with the odds indicating temperatures could reach into the low 30s.

“We have seen a flurry of bets for next month being the hottest June on record, while we continue to be knocked over with a gamble on this summer being the hottest ever in the UK.”

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