Vicar, 80, takes back Romanian toyboy husband, 25, insisting they are in love – and says sex is better than EVER

Pensioner Philip Clements and aspiring young model Florin Marin made headlines when they revealed they were in love and had tied the knot after meeting on Gaydar.

But after a brief separation, the married couple say they are stronger than ever and despite their squabbles, have no plans to divorce.

Speaking exclusively with The Sun Online, Philip gushed: "I love him to bits.

"Sometimes we have a little row but underlying it all I have a deep affection for him.

"I love him to bits, if we were permanently separated, I would be the most unhappy person in the world."

And when asked why he loved Philip, Florin said: "He’s a nice man, a lovely man."

The undying expression of love between the pair – who have a 55 year age gap –  comes after the couple's rocky start to married life.

Retired Rev Philip married Florin in April last year, selling his home in Sandwich, Kent, to buy up a flat in Bucharest.

But just five months into their marriage, the pair split up over arguments including Florin's late-night clubbing.

Mr Clements then returned to the UK, living with a friend, while Florin reportedly struck up a new relationship with a rich Spanish businessman.

But the couple have since rekindled their romance, with Mr Clements saying he couldn't bare to be apart from his husband.

The 80-year-old Brit said: “When I was separated from him, and in times past, I virtually had a depressive breakdown because I missed him.

“It was like losing an arm or a leg. I knew for certain that I needed him.

“You can’t explain these things scientifically.”

The couple – who currently don’t live together as Florin is working in Spain – say they WhatsApp almost everyday to keep the flame alive.

And while they say they hope to one day live closer, they maintain a long-distance relationship works for them for now.

The married pair, who will celebrate their second wedding anniversary in April, said they had learnt a lot since their time apart.

Florin added: “Now it’s much better than in the past.”

He explained: “Philip had to change from the beginning to understand more my culture, from where I come from, how I am… all this stuff.

“Sometimes he doesn’t understand the culture – he’s English, I’m Romanian, I have my manners, he has his manners.

“We don’t think the same.”

Philip added: “That’s what makes our relationship so special – he is different.

“Two people who marry each other and who are exactly the same in temperament and character it must be dull.

“We are not dull.”

The couple said they planned to spend their time visiting friends, going to films and even playing bingo – a game Florin loves.

During their time together, the wedded couple share a bed.

Philip explained a recent operation prevented him from being completely intimate, but said Florin was “understanding” and “accepting” of his limitations – and their sex life is even better than it was before.

He said: “I’m probably more tactile than he is.

“He just likes to be asleep when we are in bed at night.

“But we do have a very, very intimate and close relationship.”

He added: “At one time, he used to shove me out of the way in the bed when I –

Florin interjected: “Because I want to sleep.”

Philip continued: “Now occasionally he will push me gently.

“He’s not always been gentle.

“He doesn’t mind me cuddling up to him and enjoying all that tactileness.”

The couple said including recent changes to their relationship, it would be open.

Florin said while he didn’t have any current other partners, he “sometimes” had relationships with other men.

Philip, who was celibate for 60 years during his time as a priest, said: “We have agreed as part of our agreement as an open relationship, if we have a serious relationship, we will tell each other.

“I would be a little bit jealous I have to admit. That other chap, who doesn’t exist at the moment, is getting more of what I should be enjoying.”

But divorce is not on the table, with Philip, who is now estranged from his brothers over the relationship with Florin, adding: “We have spoken about divorce, but in my heart of hearts I don’t want a divorce.”

I love him to bits, if we were permanently separated, I would be the most unhappy person in the world

Philip said he had always known he was gay, but even became engaged to a woman during his lifetime.

But he broke it off just a few months later, knowing it wasn't the right thing to do.

Instead, he remained celibate for 60 years until his ultimate retirement from the church.

Embracing gay dating apps in his late 70s, Philip spotted Florin on the dating website Gaydar, making the first move after seeing the revealing photographs Florin had shared.

A few weeks later, the couple met up and went shopping together.

Their relationship then slowly strengthened with regular visits before Florin quit his job in Buckinghamshire to move in with Philip.

And after a tumultuous few months, the couple are hopeful they will one day live in the same country.

But the couple’s future happiness hinges on Brexit.

Florin said that while he hopes to once again live in England to be closer to Philip, he added: “First I want to see what happens with Brexit.

“In this country, I don’t have rights.

“Because of that, I want to wait first, to see past March 2019, to see what’s going on with this country.

“If everything goes well, I will come back to England.

“If not, no.”

But the aspiring model said he didn't care what people said about his relationship, or the church.

And he hit back when asked if he was a gold digger.

Florin said: "I don't care what people say. They have never met me.

"I like the publicity all the time, actually I will die if I'm not once a month on TV.

"I like the name (gold digger) but not what it means."

And Florin said he would "of course" become his husband's carer when the time came.

He said: "Looking after him in case of something being wrong with him – oh yeah of course.

Philip added: "We haven't bought the wheelchair, it's only a matter of time that he's pushing me in a wheelchair."

Florin joked: "No, you buy an electric one."

For now, the pair are happy, and looking to the future.

Philip said: "It is proper love between us, and respect.

"I don't see how that can be wrong."

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