Video shows gunmen open fire on Miami-area crowd outside banquet hall

Miami-Dade police release surveillance video of suspects in mass shooting

Surveillance video shows masked gunmen entering Florida banquet hall before they open fire on crowd

Surveillance footage outside a Miami-area banquet hall shows a crowd standing outside the venue the moment three gunmen unleash a hail of gunfire early Sunday, killing two and injuring 21 others. 

The footage obtained by ONLY in DADE captures the victims, who were waiting to get inside to view a rap concert, scrambling to dodge bullets outside the El Mula banquet hall in Hialeah.

Footage released by the Miami-Dade Police Department on Monday shows the gunmen getting out of an SUV armed with weapons and running toward the building. They make their way back to the vehicle seconds later and peel off. The vehicle was found hours later submerged in a canal. 

It was reported stolen on May 15, police said. The gunmen were waiting inside the vehicle in a parking lot for an hour prior to the shooting, police said.

Investigators collected over 100 bullet casings at the scene. They have called the attack an act of retaliation. 

“This was a terrifying event,” Miami-Dade homicide Detective Alexandra Turnes said in a video released by the police department Tuesday night. “You can visibly see how scared the individuals were while they were running for their lives.”

Ka’Dedra Thomas, 26, said she was shot three times in the back during the rampage. She said she tried to stay calm until emergency responders arrived. 

“It really felt like I was in a movie, and seeing people dropping like that? It was females, people like me who had nothing to do with it,” Thomas told FOX affiliate WSVN-TV. “You’re going to shoot into a whole crowd of people? That’s wicked!”

“And you know what’s so crazy? Because I want to be mad at them, right? I honestly pray for them people,” she added. “For you to sit there and shoot up a whole crowd like that, you are lost. Your soul, you is lost. You need God more than I do. They’re going to have to get on their knees. They are going to have to pray. They are going to have to repent for that. You don’t do that to folks. You don’t do that.”

Police are offering a $130,000 reward for information leading to the arrests of the suspects. 

On Monday, two more people were shot in Miami Beach outside a popular steakhouse. Rapper DaBaby was questioned Tuesday over the matter and released. A rapper on his rooster, Wisdom, was arrested and is being charged with first-degree attempted murder. 

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