Wacky Michael Jackson conspiracy theorists claim King of Pop was 'murdered by the Illuminati' who 'framed him for child sex abuse'

BONKERS conspiracy theorists claim Michael Jackson was murdered by the Illuminati after allegedly framing him for child sex abuse.

Jackson died aged 50 in 2009 after suffering an overdose of the surgical anaesthetic Propofol.

Conrad Murray, the King of Pop’s doctor, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for administering the drug – however a bizarre theory has suggests another explanation.

A blog post online entitled The Murder of Michael Jackson Decoded makes the baseless claim the Illuminati set up false allegations of child molestation against Jackson to get rid of him.

The Thriller singer was tried on child sex abuse charges in 2004-2005 – and was acquitted on every charge.

Members of the Illuminati had supposedly drawn up the plans to kill the pop star after the trial didn’t go their way.

It stated: "They knew Michael loved children and the machine always attacks its targets through what they love…

"Michael was a Summer Solstice Sacrifice, returning back to the ethers on June the 25th of 2009."


The unfounded theory says the Illuminati first set their sights on Jackson after he purchased the publishing rights for many of the Beatles back catalogue in 1984.

The wacky claims go on to say the publishing rights gave the singer “too much power” and he was added “on the hit list to be murdered”.

The secret society was said to be even more angered with the video for the hit song Black and White because it was believed to be an act of rebellion against them.

The ridiculous theory says Jackson’s links to the Illuminati were littered throughout the video including occult symbols and the number 666.

The number is said to be painted on a car Jackson destroys in the video along with the letters KKK – standing for the Ku Klux Klan.

Confusingly, the blog post doesn’t think the scene suggests Jackson is showing his disdain for the KKK, but that he is distancing himself from the secret society because the letters also link to the Freemasonry.

The Illuminati theory goes on to claim the other stars who died on the same day as Jackson – actress Farrah Fawcett and rock star Sky Saxon – were planned because three sacrifices were needed.

The blog added: "Two other celebrities were sacrificed on this same day and when you add up the date, 6/25/2009, you get the number 6.

"If you count the other two celebrities, Farrah Fawcett and Sky Saxon, into the equation you will get 666.



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"This is no coincidence and as stated earlier the number 666 represents the combination of deities that is worshiped by the rulers."

Jackson died in his Los Angeles home in 2009 after an overdose with a surgical anaesthetic used in operating rooms.

His doctor Murray was sentenced to four years in prison, but was released after two in 2013.

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