Warm weather welcomed in Okanagan, but beware of possible slippery sections

At long last, it appears winter’s cold, firm grip on the Okanagan is relaxing, with above-zero temperatures finally warming the region during daylight hours.

For Friday, Environment Canada is forecasting a mix of sun and clouds and high of 2 C to 3 C. The overnight low is projected to fall to -4 C.

The weekend forecast is mainly sunny, 3 C to 5 C, with clear skies overnight, and temperatures between -4 C and -7 C. Monday and Tuesday are projected to be cloudy with highs of 6 C to 8 C and lows of 0 C to -1 C.

However, with warm daytime temperatures followed by cold overnight temperatures, some roads in the Okanagan could have slippery sections as snow melts, then freezes – specifically sections that don’t see much daylight.

“It’s a good reminder for all motorists to watch for water that runs across the road during the day,” said Kyle Reese, roads and drainage supervisor with the City of West Kelowna. “When we have these plus temperatures during the day, (that water) will refreeze at night with the temperatures that we’re seeing.

“The majority of our main roads will be fine, but certainly in some of those shady areas, and areas that don’t see sun as often, we do see that refreeze occurring almost every night at this time of the year.”

In Vernon, the city is also cautioning drivers to be aware of possible icy patches.

“The City of Vernon is cautioning drivers that with plus daytime temperatures expected to dip below freezing, along with the melting snowfall from yesterday and the possibility of additional snow, that roads could be slippery and that drivers should drive to conditions.”


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