Watch: Texas man attacks ‘Charging Bull’ statue with fortified ‘banjo’

New video shows the moment a Texas truck driver attacked the “Charging Bull” statue in the Financial District with a beefed-up banjo on Saturday.

In a clip shared with The Post, Tevon Varlack, 42, can be heard calling the iconic bronze bull “the devil” as he hacks away at the statute — with each impact sending out a loud, percussive clang.

It was an odd sight — even for one tourism-industry worker who said he has spent a decade in the area.

“I’ve seen people kiss the balls of the bull, I’ve seen them kiss it,” said Shandu Marks of Queens, who caught the whole thing on his cell phone. “I’ve seen them hump it. I’m at the bull every day. But I’ve never seen anyone do anything like that.”

“All he was calling it was ‘the devil,’ and he was talking a whole bunch of holy stuff,” Marks added. “At first I was going to try to stop him, but I thought differently because of that banjo.”

Marks, 37, said the “banjo” appeared to have been reinforced with steel, which left a gash in the bull’s right horn.

He said Varlack was there preaching gospel for about two hours before the attack. He had a horn — “like a saxophone type of thing” — but seemed harmless at first.

The video shows Varlack wearing a shawl as he parades back and forth, calling passersby “brothers and sisters.” His gear included a trumpet and what appears to be an animal horn.

Despite the attack, Marks said the Texan didn’t seem like a threat to anyone but the metal bull.

“He didn’t seem like he was trying to be violent to any human,” Marks said. “You can see that even as he was standing there one or two people disregarded him and posed for pictures.”

Varlack, who was charged with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct, was released without bail following a Sunday arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court. He is due back in court on Oct. 16.

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