Water firm warns millions could be left without tap water as temperatures soar to 36C

MILLIONS of Brits could be left without tap water as temperatures rocket to a sizzling 36C.

South East Water has issued a warning saying lockdown and roasting temperatures have put a "strain on the country".

And they have urged families to ditch hose pipes, garden sprinklers and garden water toys to ensure everyone has "what they need to drink".

The company is already pumping 150million litres of drinking water into homes during the scorching weather.

But it fears its 2.2million customers could be forced to go without unless usage is cut this weekend.

Steve Andrews, head of central operations for South East Water said: "Our water technicians have been working round the clock… but with this record amount of water being used daily it is getting harder to keep up.

"I am now appealing to every one – households and businesses – to keep water for essential use only while the heat is on this weekend and next week."


SOUTH East Water has given advice on how Brits can save water in the garden this summer.

  • Top up the paddling pool instead of refilling it every day. When you're finished, use the water on your plants and grass so none goes to waste
  • Invest in a water butt for your garden and use the harvested water on your plants (they grow better with rain water and you'll save money on your water bill too)
  • Remember – brown lawns bounce back
  • Water your pots and hanging baskets either early in the morning or during the evening to reduce evaporation in the midday sun
  • If you’re potting up or planting containers, use ones made from plastic, glazed terracotta or wood. These tend to lose less water than bare terracotta
  • Bury a short length of pipe into your pot; if you water into the tube the water goes directly to the roots where the plant needs it most
  • Use mulches like bark chips or gravel to retain moisture and keep weeds down

Brits have been enjoying the mini heatwave this weekend with temperatures expected to rise to 36C.

Beaches across the country are packed out and sunseekers have flocked outside to enjoy the roasting weather.

But to cool down, some families are switching on their sprinklers , which ca use up to 1,000 litres of water an hour.

This is as much as a family of six gets through in one day.

Water companies warned last month a surge in Brits turning on the tap had left some areas of the UK dry.

Demand rose by 25 per cent in June – and even reached 40 per cent higher than the average for the time of year as families switched the hose on.

United Utilities – Britain's largest water company – revealed staff were struggling to cope with the huge demand after the driest May in 150 years.

While Yorkshire Water urged its 3million customers to take a four-minute shower to avoid a hosepipe ban.

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