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A COUPLE who fetched their dog from the groomers made it home with their newly trimmed pooch only to realise they made a huge mistake.

The animal lovers filmed the hilarious moment on social media, which left other dog owners stunned.

The woman explained the dog she originally picked up looked identical to their poodle breed but there was something just a bit off.

In the video, TikToker @Lexicircle was seen comforting their "new" puppy as they headed back to the groomer.

She said: "We are bringing Tater back to the groomer to pick up the real Tater.

"This is definitely not our dog.


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"I thought it was but Adam knew it was not."

The woman claimed dogs from particular poodle breeds looked very similar but the first tell-tale sign was the animal didn't recognise the owners.

She said: "Sometimes when they give poodle breeds grooming they do get a lot smaller so I didn't think that was weird.

"Then when we brought her inside she was jumping all over Ryan, which is not usual and she was kind of ignoring Adam, which was very weird.

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"And the dog was exploring the house like she had never seen it before.

"But the defining characteristic of Tater is that she never lost her baby teeth – and this dog won't let me look at its teeth.

"Tater we are coming for you."

The vision then cuts to a scene of the "real" Tater waiting anxiously in its cage at the groomers, letting out a bark to mark the embarrassing moment.

Tater is then seen happily reunited with her owners.

The video has more than five million views with social media users sharing their thoughts on the matter.

"Aww, I can't imagine how Tater was feeling when y'all walking out of the groomer shop with another dog," a TikTok user said.

"I cannot decide if this is funny or sad… it is a rollercoaster of emotions," one added.

"Tater barked at you like 'how dare you'," a second remarked.

"As a groomer I have heard of these things happening more often than it should," another claimed.

Some animal lovers, however, were more bemused with the lady's mistake.

"Ok just checking the comments to make sure everyone agrees those dogs look nothing alike," a woman said.

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"I can't imagine ever not recognising my dog," one commented.

"OMG that is hilarious but even I can tell the difference," another noted.

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