What are the new calorie limits? Which foods are banned and how will the calorie-cap reduce obesity in the UK?

Public Health England (PHE) could cap the calorific content in ready meals, sandwiches and pizzas.

What are the new calorie limits?

Restaurant dishes and supermarket foods could be subjected to calorie limits.

The Daily Telegraph reported draft proposals which suggested main meal salads and sandwiches could be capped at 550 calories.

Restaurant main meals at 951 calories in an attempt to cut rates of obesity.

Which foods are affected by the cap?

Proposed calorie limits include:

  • All convenience meals – 544
  • All restaurant mains – 951
  • Sandwiches – 550
  • Salad (as a main) – 550
  • Pizza – 1,040
  • Portion of chips sold in supermarkets – 302
  • Portion of chips in a restaurant – 416
  • Onion bhaji – 134

How will the calorie-cap reduce obesity in the UK?

PHE's chief nutritionist Dr Alison Tedstone said the plans were in their "early days" but that the food industry had a "responsibility to act".

The paper reported the draft plans are more than 100 pages long and cover a variety of dishes from tempura prawns and potato salad to Yorkshire puddings.

The way food is labelled in shops will not change, nor will the current calorie guidelines for men (2,500 calories per day) and women (2,000 calories per day).


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