What does the word 'mid' mean on TikTok?

SLANG words often circulate on social media platforms and find their way to mainstream awareness to the point of normal use.

Trendy slang terms, found on apps such as TikTok, have a way of influencing people to the extent where they adopt words such as "mid" to their regular vocabulary.

What does the word 'mid' mean on TikTok?

Mid is a popular slang term that is a shortening of the word mediocre.

Mid is used to refer to anything that a person objectively finds mediocre or not up to a high standard.

If something is mid, it's not necessarily good or particularly bad, it's just average.

Pop culture lingo website Urban Dictionary defines mid as: "Used to insult or degrade an opposing opinion, labeling it as average or poor quality."

Where did the word 'mid' originate?

On TikTok, the term made its rounds in the latter part of 2021 due to a short clip that featured American wrestler Maxwell Friedman.

In the video, Friedman is shown taunting the crowd and his competitor by sounding off on what he deems to be average.

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He shouts in the clip: "It's called the Midwest because everything in it is mid!"

Friedman continued to say as the audience met him with boos and jeers: "Every single person who lives here is mid!"

When did 'mid' go viral?

The TikTok video was originally uploaded on October 29, 2021.

Since its upload on the platform, it has reached 2.3 million views as of December 2021.

Social media users have made their own versions of Maxwell Friedman's "mid" audio.

When creating their own versions, users tend to express what they think is mediocre when it comes to an array of topics such as music, television shows, and athletics.

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