What is durfing?

DURFING is a common practice carried out by Mormons who are forbidden to have sex before marriage. 

Here we explain this raunchy concept. 

What is durfing?

The act, most commonly used by mormon,, is also known as dry humping, that is  simulate having sex.

This is done while the female keeps her clothes on. 

Can Mormons have sex before marriage? 

The Church of Latter-day Saints has a strict code of chastity for its followers.

This means sex is off the table until marriage.

And that also includes masturbation. There are no exceptions to the rule. 

Even hugging and kissing for long periods of time are generally off limits. 

What other sexual terms do they use?

In a similar vein, “soaking” is a sex act that involves a person putting their penis in another person's vagina and staying completely still. 

The logic behind it is there is no thrusting and thus does not count as full sexual intercourse. 

Then there is “jump-humping”.

 This tactic involves a third person jumping on the bed while two other people "soak" to create motion.

Therefore intercourse is possible without the man moving his member.

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