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KING Charles' coronation is a historic occasion, that brings with it centuries of tradition.

There are many things that will be included in the ceremony that have been passed down from past monarchs, including the Sovereign's Orb.

What is the Sovereign's Orb?

During the coronation the monarch is presented with objects representing their powers and responsibilities.

This is called the investiture and among the objects is the Sovereign’s Orb.

This is a golden globe surmounted by a cross and represents the Monarch's religious and moral authority

It reminds the monarch that their power is derived from God.

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What is the meaning of the Sovereign's Orb?

The Orb is a representation of the sovereign's power.

It symbolises the Christian world, with its cross mounted on a globe.

The bands of jewels which divide it up into three sections represent the three continents known in medieval times.

What is the Sovereign's Orb made of?

The Sovereign's Orb is made from gold.

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It also nine emeralds, 18 rubies, nine sapphires, 365 diamonds, 375 pearls, one amethyst and one glass stone.

It was recreated in the 17th century, and while the design is copied from previous versions, it is now much larger.

How much is the Sovereign's Orb worth?

The Sovereign's Orb is priceless, and can never be sold.

However, when Charles I had the orb made in 1661, he spent £1150 – in today's money, that's around £230K.

The Sovereign's Orb is kept in the Tower of London, with the rest of the Crown Jewels.

How will the Sovereign's Orb be used in King Charles' coronation?

During King Charles' coronation on May 6, 2023, the new sovereign is first anointed with holy oil, then robed in coronation robes, and then invested with a number of ornaments symbolising the chivalric nature of kingship.

These include the spurs, swords and armills and then the Sovereign's Orb, which will be placed in his right hand as he is invested.

It will then be placed on the altar before the moment of crowning.

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