What is the Vegeta Cult on TikTok?

THE newest TikTok trend has a sinister name, but an innocent deeper meaning.

"Cults" are the latest way for TikTok creators to build their following and foster community.

What is a cult on TikTok?

Despite the alarming name, cults on TikTok only involve a few simple steps.

When a "cult" on TikTok begins, users change their profile pictures to that of the cult to join.

Then, users will follow all of the other members with the same profile picture and sometimes gain thousands of followers.

Many became aware of the cult trend with the "Lana cult" which utilized a photo of Lana Del Rey, followed by the "hamster cult" and many others since.

What is the Vegeta cult on TikTok?

The new cult taking over TikTok is known as the Vegeta cult.

The name comes from the popular Dragon Ball Z character.

The antihero is one of the most well known characters in all of anime and is known for saying powerful and arrogant things.

However, this cult differs in that not every member has the exact same profile picture.

Instead, users are taking Vegeta's iconic green jacket and placing it on their unique profile pictures to display their involvement in the cult.

Members have even spammed comment sections of famous TikTokers speaking of the cult.

Famous TikTok Charli D'Amelio's comment section was flooded with mentions of the cult made by users with green jackets in their profile pictures.

One said "our presence shall be known" in all caps.

"We are growing and take over tiktok," said another.

A third said "vegeta gang on top no cap."

The cult was reportedly started in June 2021 by a user named " @____vegetatard."

All you need to do to join the cult to add a green jacket to your profile picture.

Luckily, images of famous characters and memes wearing the jacket already exist, making joining easy for new members.

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