What to Cook This Weekend

Good morning. Tejal Rao has a lovely riff in The Times this week on the subject of citrus salads and how perfect they can be if you make them yourself. Use a wide variety of fruits — blood oranges, Tejal suggests, and Murcott tangerines, navels and grapefruit — then slice and stack them beneath a Sicilian-style dressing (above), with fatty avocado, lots of herbs, a spray of peanuts for crunch. Put that recipe on the docket for this weekend, absolutely, for lunch or the start of a dinner. Make it tonight in advance of a bowl of spaghetti with fried eggs. Or pan-seared pork chops! Or tofu escabeche!

Mardi Gras is next week down in New Orleans: Fat Tuesday in advance of Lent with its fasts. You might make a muffuletta this weekend to celebrate, or some roast beef po’ boys. You could bake a king cake. You should definitely make some barbecued shrimp. It’s not so much a recipe as it is an exhortation: a no-recipe recipe. The authenticity cops down in the Irish Channel will tell you the shrimp have to be head-on and the sauce not too thick. But you make the dish how you like. It’s forgiving and delicious.

I’d like to make chicken congee this weekend, for a gentle Sunday lunch, something to eat while watching Notre Dame play Louisville. (Alternatively, you could make chicken enchiladas, a hearty meal to eat in advance of three pages of Marlon James’s new “Black Leopard, Red Wolf” and a decent nap on the couch.)

I’d like, as well, to bake a chocolate Guinness cake, just to be outrageous. And some cinnamon-raisin bread because it makes the best toast. And some granola for breakfast later this week. Also cold-brew coffee, same.

You? At the very least you should go to the market, set yourself up for the week of cooking to come. That means fresh fruit and vegetables, of course, but it also means pantry staples of the sort Julia Moskin wrote about in this excellent guide to setting up your kitchen so you can cook something delicious with a minimum of fuss. (Like, for instance, miso chicken. That could be your dinner on Monday night.)

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Now, it doesn’t have much to do with bain-maries or santoku knives, but André Previn died yesterday at 89 and you should take a moment today to read his obituary and admire his virtuosity at the piano, captured here in a performance on “The Andy Williams Show” in 1965.

Staying in the wayback machine, it’s also ’s Glenn Miller’s birthday today, and he would have been 115. Here’s “In the Mood,” from 1941.

Longreads turned me on to this remarkable Vice essay from Cynthia R. Greenlee, about the weaponization of grits.

You ever see the film version of Thomas McGuane’s “Ninety-Two in the Shade”? You should anyway read the novel at least once every couple of years.

Finally, do read Jessica B. Harris on Dooky Chase’s and the era of the Green Book, in Garden & Gun. See you on Sunday.

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