Who are Nigel Farage’s 600 Brexit Party candidates? – The Sun

NIGEL Farage's nascent Brexit Party is competing for nearly every constituency in the country.

With the General Election fast approaching, let's take a look at who's standing.

Who are Nigel Farage's Brexit Party candidates?

There has been growing speculation over the identity of 600 new Brexit Party candidates, the majority who will be standing for the first time ever on December 12.

The official list is set to be announced from 2pm on November 4, 2019.

Nigel Farage himself will not be standing in the upcoming poll, saying he wanted to spend more time campaigning nationwide.

What is the Brexit Party and how are they polling?

The Brexit Party was only established in January 2019, but made inroads at the European elections in May.

Millions of voters deserted the two main parties and flocked to Mr Farage in a bid to send the message: "Get Brexit done or die."

In this already unpredictable upcoming election, it is not yet clear how far the single-issue party will fare,

Farage – whose bid for a "Brexit alliance" with the Tories was knocked back by Boris Johnson – has said he will only talk about Brexit-related issues until the UK has left the EU.

At the time of writing, William Hill was offering 66/1 odds for a Brexit Party majority.

But even winning a single seat would mark a significant change to the Commons.

Farage said he believed that a hung Parliament was a "likely" result from the Christmas election – and could provide a chance for his party.

"If the Brexit Party get a reasonable amount of people in there they could exert a great influence," Farage told ITV. "Mrs May was kept in power by 10 DUP MPs."

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