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CAPTAIN  Tom Moore, a 99-year-old army veteran, has raised £2 million for the NHS in its fight against coronavirus.

Even though the World War Two hero exceeded his £1,000 initial target, he has promised to do more for the NHS carers on the frontline.

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Who is Captain Tom Moore?

Captain Tom, as he is known, was born and raised in Keighley, in West Yorkshire.

He attended the Keighley Grammar School and eventually completed an apprenticeship program in civil engineering.

At the start of the Second World War, Captain Tom was enlisted in 145 Regiment Royal Armoured Corps and was chosen for officer training in 1940, rising to the rank of Captain.

Captain Moore was posted in the 9DWR in India and went on to serve his country in Arakan and Burma.

He became an instructor at The Armoured Fighting Vehicle School in Bovington, Dorset, upon his return to the UK.

In recent times, he has settled in Bedfordshire with his family, where he helps in the family business.

According to the business website: "Tom's tale is one full of twists, turns and monumental moments in our British history so it is completely understandable why he doesn't want to just sit still and do nothing about our current epidemic."

What is Captain Tom Moore campaigning for?

Captain Moore's campaign is to raise funds for the 'incredible' NHS in its fight against the coronavirus.

NHS Charities Together is the beneficiary of the funds raised from his campaign.

He had aimed to complete 100 laps around his garden in Bedfordshire before his 100th birthday at the end of the month.

With the aid of a frame, he hoped to walk the 100 laps of his 25 metre garden in 10 lap bits each time.

He initially had a target of £1000 but has since raised a staggering £2 million.

As news of his achievement reached him, Captain Moore tweeted: "2 million pounds!

"When I started this journey last Monday, my target was £1,000 for our incredible NHS."

He thanked his supporters saying: "No words left…just thank you."

How to donate to Captain Tom Moore's fundraiser?

Captain Moore has promised to carry on with his campaign by doing 100 more laps before his 100th birthday.

You can help Captain Tom's campaign by donating through his Just Giving page.

Several celebrities and public figures have shown support to his campaign and applauded his efforts.

A large chunk of the donation came from viewers of Good Morning Britain after the war hero made an appearance on the morning show.

Host Piers Morgan donated £10,000 to the campaign.

He tweeted: "This extraordinary man @captaintommoore has single-handedly galvanised Britain into raising cash for NHS heroes.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain this morning (April 14), he thanked Piers Morgan and everyone who had donated to his campaign.

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