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A FORMER Page 3 model has sued police for distress after a pervert cop filmed her sunbathing naked in her garden from a helicopter.

Pogmore was jailed for a year on August 8, 2017 after he admitted to abusing his position as an Air Observer.

Who is Tracy Dixon?

Tracy Dixon is a former Page 3 model who was filmed sunbathing naked in her garden by a pervert cop in a helicopter.

The 54-year-old sued South Yorkshire Police after claiming police caused her distress as they have not revealed how often she was spied on.

She said "sex-obsessed" swinger Adrian Pogmore, 53, would hover over her home at least three times a week and film her and her daughters – the youngest of whom was eight at the time.

Her nightmare began in October 2014 when South Yorkshire cops told her they had discovered footage taken by Pogmore of her sunbathing naked in the secluded garden of her remote home.

The mum-of-three took action after the force refused to reveal exactly how many times Pogmore had filmed her.

Pogmore admitted four counts of misconduct in public office, using the South Yorkshire Police helicopter for "sexual spying" and was jailed for a year in 2017.

What was the South Yorkshire police helicopter sex filming trial about?

During the trial, prosecutors said a police helicopter crew filmed members of the public having sex and sunbathing naked using the aircraft's powerful video camera.

The £2million police helicopter, usually used for capturing fleeing criminals and helping to patrol large groups after football matches, was even flown over a naturist campsite.

Prosecutor Richard Wright said the filming was a "gross violation" of the victims' privacy.

The case relied in part on a graphic, eight-minute film consisting of footage from the South Yorkshire Police helicopter.

One police officer Adrian Pogmore, then 50, pleaded guilty to misconduct.

Two other police officers and two pilots who were in the helicopter were cleared of misconduct.

When Tracy was told the identity of the officer she was horrified to realise they had gone to school together in nearby Rotherham.

She was filmed in her garden for up to five years after the cop, who went to school with her, tracked her down.

What happened to Adrian Pogmore and where is he now?

Adrian Pogmore was an Air Observer working as part of the South Yorkshire Police's helicopter crew.

The 51-year-old abused his position to film his “swinging” pals romping on their patio for eight minutes.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Pogmore had already pleaded guilty to the charges.

The charges relate to four alleged incidents between 2007 and 2012 – one on August 23 2007, two incidents on July 28 2008, and one incident on July 22 2012.

Pogmore, who was sacked by the force in 2015 following an internal misconduct investigation, was sentenced on August 8 to one year in prison.

How much compensation did Tracy Dixon receive?

The force has reached a settlement with Tracy, but refused to say if they paid her the full £200,000 she was demanding, The Mirror reports.

How many people were filmed naked?

The court heard Pogmore used the police chopper to film a woman sunbathing naked in her garden, two naturists sitting outside their caravan and a couple lying naked on sun-loungers outside their home.

The footage of the nude couple by their a caravan was filmed in July 2008 after Pogmore used spied over a naturists campsite called Candy Farm.

He also spied on a nude mum-of-three sunbathing in her private garden in 2007 with her three daughters, aged 18, 15 and eight, all wearing bikinis.

Prosecutors said the couple filmed having sex were friends of Pogmore after he agreed with his swinging pals that they would have sex while the chopper was hovering over.

All of the victims filmed by Pogmore – except the couple having sex – gave statements saying they felt their privacy had been invaded.


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