Woman, 20, died after worried mum thought she just had a bad hangover after partying all weekend

A YOUNG woman died after her worried mum thought she had a hangover from partying all weekend.

Shannon Hewat eventually revealed she had taken an overdose, forcing her frantic mum to call an ambulance.

Tragically the 20-year-old fell into a coma, with her mum Lorna unable to be with her due to coronavirus restrictions.

Lincolnshire Live reports she was rushed into surgery for an emergency liver transplant but did not survive the operation.

Her mum frantically texted her to check on her but didn't get any replies.

Lorna said: "We believe she took the overdose on Monday.

"She had been out all weekend and I thought she had a bad hangover and that is why she was being sick.

"I was trying to give her dried toast, biscuits and crackers and tried to get to sip water.

“I had no idea and her friend who was here also had no idea.

"I refused to believe it. I was shouting at the doctors to help her. I knew she wouldn’t leave me.

“I am just waiting for her to come through the door and every now and then again I can hear her voice in the house.

"We were very, very close. Even during the lockdown I said to my mum it was a full-time job just texting Shannon all day."

Shannon also leaves behind two brothers who she was close with – Connor and Dominic.

Her heartbroken mum said her daughter was funny with a good sense of humour.

She described her as a loyal friend who was a good listener, but she didn't often share her own troubles.

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