Woman Escapes From Jail, Found Soaking In Hot Tub At Spa

A 32 year-old woman has been captured in Ohio after escaping jail, reports NBC News. She was booked on drug possession charges just this past Tuesday. According to the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, the woman fled the scene while being booked for said drug charges.

Several hours later, as police were looking for her, a 911 caller informed authorities that they had spotted the woman sitting in a hot tub at a senior citizen’s community center spa in Waverly, which is roughly 60 miles south of Columbus, where she escaped. While soaking it up in what is being called the hot tub crime machine by NBC News, the inmate was still wearing her yellow jail outfit.

The sheriff’s office explained that the woman was now being charged with felony escape on top of the original charges for allegedly possessing the drug heroin. A video of the authorities capturing the escaped inmate shows the woman holding her hands up in surrender as she soaks it up in the hot tub, indeed donning her yellow jail attire.

One resident of the senior citizen village in Waverly, Dick Demlow, spoke during a WSAZ video news report with Andrew Colegrove, stating his thoughts on what had just occurred in his community. The people in this community were quite surprised by their unexpected visitor.

“This is a first, and I hope it’s a last too. It has created quite a stir in the village. For the most part, I think the village people think it’s rather humorous. All’s well that ends well. She was apprehended without any incident, and she got warm, and so what better way to end the day.”

The Pike County Sheriff’s Office has identified the woman as 34 year-old Autumn Saderfield. Reporters also asked another village resident what she would do if she was sitting in the hot tub and someone wearing a jail jumpsuit joined her. The elderly woman, standing by her lit up Christmas tree, said that she would “probably scream. That would be my first reaction.” The reporter also asked that same village citizen, Diane Demlow, if she were to escape from jail, where would she go. She answered, somewhat chuckling.

“Oh my goodness. Where would I go? I wouldn’t go to a hot tub, I’ll tell you that much.”

According to Saterfield, she informed police that she climbed into the hot tub because she became cold.

While sitting in the same hot tub, the reporter brings to light the idea and comparison to Andy Dufresne from the the hit film Shawshank Redemption, when he escapes and plays opera music over the PA System, inevitably being given more punishment for the action, but being okay with his decision due to the moment of joy he received when playing and hearing the music. The reporter remarks, jokingly, that perhaps the female inmate who climbed into the hot tub was going for a similar tiny joy.

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