Woman is left left bloodied and bruised after fox attacks her in her own living room after creeping in – The Sun

A FOX bit a woman seven times after creeping into her living room.

Sarah McKendrick, 40, was home alone when the feral creature brazenly marched in.

It tried to steal her shoes before savaging her hand as she tried to shoo it out of her garden flat.

The voice-over artist, who had left her back door open, said: “It was very scary. I told the fox, ‘Don’t take my shoes,’ and then to go away but it came back in.

"I tried to shoo him way and he just bit down on my right hand, so I had to hit him on the head to try to release his jaws.

“He bit me like a dog, he scratched my arms — but then clamped down and held on tight.”

Sarah, of Ealing, West London, added: “The bite was so damn hard.

“I tried to grab his jaw to release me. He eventually let go but it lasted for five minutes. The fox bit me about seven times — but only got me badly twice. It was looking at me like, ‘hee-hee, this is fun’.”

He bit me like a dog, he scratched my arms — but then clamped down and held on tight.

Sarah said: “He apparently grabbed my neighbour’s shoe as well.

“They have a six-week-old baby, and I was so much more concerned in case the fox got in and grabbed it — we could be talking about a tragedy.”

Sarah rushed to her GP the morning after, and was put on strong antibiotics to fight any infection. She said: “I was told there is no rabies here but their saliva can cause sepsis.”

The encounter came after Sarah saw a fox in her home several months ago.

Last year we told how Jodie Nailard, 22, was attacked by a fox as she slept in Clap­ham, South London.

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