Woman shares bizarre video sent to her online by a stranger

Woman shares bizarre video sent to her online which shows man declaring his love to her while dressed as the cookie monster

  • Emma Miller received a message in which a male called her his ‘cutest princess’ 
  • The clip has been viewed 244,000 times since she shared it on social media 
  • It shows computer-generated petals cascading down the screen to music 

A woman has shared a video from an unwelcome admirer who sent her a photo montage featuring her own selfies and a snap of him in a Cookie Monster costume.

The male calls Emma Miller his ‘cutest princess’ as computer-generated petals cascade down the screen to a backing track of Patrick Swayze’s ‘She’s Like The Wind’.

The young woman, from Kilwinning, North Ayrshire, tweeted the tribute, writing: ‘Av had many admirers but never had anything like this sent tae me.’

The video has now been viewed nearly 300,000 times and has attracted hundreds of comments from those who found it hilarious, with one person suggesting the sender was a ‘comedy genius’.

Emma Miller (pictured, left) received a message from a male dressed as the Cookie Monster (right) in a video that has been viewed 244,000 times

Social media users shared their amusement at the video after it surfaced online, which this man speculating that the sender was a comic genius 

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The clip features flower petals cascading down the screen before a series of images pop up, with the first one of him dressed as the Sesame Street character.

There is then a series of Emma’s selfies interspersed with images of the sender ‘Either a complete helmet or a comedy genius, can’t quite figure it out yet.’ Victoria MacKenzie said: ‘Why’s no one done this for me?’ 

Another wrote: ‘Why won’t someone love me like this?’ and Alice Wiggins said: ‘Howling, imagine the time it took to produce and edit that number.’

Police Scotland advises that users of social media consider picking user names that don’t reveal their actual identity, date of birth or where they live.

Officers recommend setting profiles to private so that only friends can see what’s on the profile.

This limits the likelihood of strangers getting in touch. Users are also advised to limit the amount of personal information revealed online.  

Last year, a customer assistant revealed the creepy messages she was sent by an admirer who was able to track her down on social media.

The man in that case described Ciara Welsh, from Glasgow, as a ‘piece of meat’ before admitting that he was being ‘creepy.’

She recorded the voice messages sent to her on Facebook and uploaded them to Twitter where it racked up more than 400,000 views.  


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