Young mum, 25, ‘suffered chest pain and migraines from ‘toxic’ breast implants

A young mum-of-two has told how she was forced to remove her ‘toxic’ breast implants after discovering they were ‘poisoning’ her body.

Shay McDowall, from Brisbane, Australia, decided to undergo a breast augmentation when she was 18 in a bid to ‘boost her self-confidence’.

She went from a C-cup to an E-cup and didn’t immediately notice any symptoms.

It was only when she became pregnant with her first baby daughter Skylah at 21 that she became seriously ill, suffering extreme fatigue.

Over the next few years, she went on to suffer migraines, chronic fatigue, severe acne, sharp chest pains, rashes and blurred vision.

Shay said she only managed to recover after having the implants removed during a four-hour surgery earlier this month.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia , she said: "It was time to listen to my body and put my health first. I knew I had to stop making excuses for the way I was feeling and take immediate action before my children had to suffer also.

"I noticed many of my symptoms subsided and disappeared completely.

"I feel like me again."

Shay realised something was drastically wrong when she started breastfeeding Skylah, who is now three years old.

She said she found it hard to tell when her breasts were empty which resulted in several episodes of mastitis.

She also struggled with flu-like symptoms, anxiety, chronic eczema , sore joints, yellow skin, low blood sugar and body inflammation.

But she continued to blame it on her being a new mother rather than listening to her body.

The mum-of-two said: "My body was screaming for help. I was naive."

After the birth of her second baby, Wynter, in June 2018, Shay finally decided to remove her implants after her daughter kept refusing her breasts.

"I knew in my heart that something was not right," she added.

Following some research, she discovered her symptoms were the result of a ‘breast implant illness’, which causes toxic poisoning, and that many other women suffer this.

Unfortunately, the illness is not a medically recognised condition despite the pain it causes.

Shay, who runs her own blog called Embrace Bliss and Grace, says she was horrified to see the implants covered in ‘oozing pus’ when she had them removed.

She now hopes her story will warn other women about the dangers of breast implants.

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