Waterpik’s cordless flosser is currently reduced by £45 and ‘feels like a trip to the dentist’

With the New Year quickly approaching, the feeling that we need to make some life changes and ‘better’ ourselves is almost upon us. And one fairly easy way this can be done is with Waterpik’s Cordless Water Flosser, is currently on sale at Boots for£74.99 here.

Not only does this device have huge benefits when it comes to dental hygiene, but it makes you feel like you’ve got your life together and are making some self-improvements. It'll also help save you some money in between visits to your hygienist, making sure your teeth are properly maintained.

The flosser normally retails for £119.99 so you’ll be saving almost 40% by buying it with the Boots discount. The device itself features three different pressure settings so you can work out what is best for you. It’s also great for travel as it can collapse down to 50% of its size.

Shoppers have been leaving many 5-star reviews, with the flosser gaining an average of 4.7 stars. One reviewer said: ‘I recently got Invisalign and this product has been great to keep my dental hygiene to the highest standard. It feels like I have been to the dentist for treatment. It also doesn't take much space in the bathroom cabinet’.

A second shopper claimed this newer model is a significant improvement on the older versions, ‘Best Waterpik ever, so compact and even more powerful than the older models. The old ones didn't travel well at all, the buttons always activated and sometimes became stuck and required a dismantle.’

Despite these positive reviews, a few people have noted that the pressure is not quite as strong as they would like with one review claiming, ‘Waterpik Cordless Slide WF-16UK010 is really good as it gets to all the hard to reach places as in right at the back of the mouth. However, I felt like the pressure of the water wasn't strong enough and also found the water ticklish.’

The device shouldn't be used as a replacement for frequent dentist and hygienist visits, as it will not give the same professional results but instead be used as an addition to your dental routine in-between visits.

If you’re looking for an even more affordable flosser that you can get your hands on in time for Christmas, Amazon also has some great deals. The Nicwell cordless flosser is on offer for£29.13 here, which you can get with free next-day delivery if you have an Amazon Prime account.

Boots also has a bunch of other Waterpik flossers on offer, including the Waterpik Cordless Plus Water Flosser WP-450UK, which is reduced by £22.50 here.

Happy flossing!

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