Smell like the phone book with the new Eau de Yellow Pages perfume

There are just some smells or scents that unlock a key memory.

You sniff it and a rush of nostalgia hits you, transporting you back to a point in time.

Well, remember the Yellow Pages catalogue? The smell as you flipped through the hundreds of pages in search of a trader to fix your plumbing, maybe a decorator to give your walls a fresh lick of paint?

You might have been missing that nostalgic whiff since the giant catalogue was last delivered five years ago on January 2019 – but now, it’s back.

Yell has announced the launch of its Eau de Yellow Pages fragrance which it says is a ‘timeless and familiar scent created to transport the mind and the senses to a time when the iconic yellow book was a mainstay of homes up and down the country’.

And it’s sure to be good news for the 18,000 people each month who are clearly missing the iconic yellow book, with google searches still going strong after its 53-year-long run.

To capture the scent of a fresh copy of the Yellow Pages, the fragrance is made up of invigorating top notes of bergamot and a hint of lemon, followed by the rich, woody scents of cedar and musk, and with base notes of sweet vanilla.

Yell claims the scents ‘interact with one another to create a unique scent profile to awaken memories of leafing through a Yellow Pages or receiving a brand new copy on your doorstep’. 

The brand is due to launch a limited run of the perfume so we can experience the scent of the original Yellow Pages in 2023.

Why is it such a satisfying smell? Scent and memory are connected and send signals to the part of our brain that links to emotion.

The enjoyment experienced from the smell of a book is known as Bibliosmia.

Bibliosmia refers to the enticing scent experienced when opening up a book and is created by the chemical breakdown of compounds within the paper.

Over 1 million tonnes of paper were used to produce the Yellow Pages – putting out nearly 1 billion copies and virtually 1 trillion pages over 51 years of print production.

Sarah O’Rafferty, head of public relations at Yell commented: ‘The books are no longer a mainstay of our lives, but the Yellow Pages had an unmistakable smell that still conjures up cherished memories.

‘While the Yellow Pages have moved on, we knew we had to launch something to celebrate both its heritage and uniqueness.

‘By creating the scent of the Yellow Pages, we can evoke the nostalgia of the iconic brand.’

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