September is calling so here are the autumn hair colours you'll see everywhere

With a new season upon us, is it time for a fresh do?

Experts in hair colour, Live True London, say yes. Session stylist Tyler Moore says there’s a new colour update for every blonde, brunette, ginger, and hair tone in between.

In the fashion world, ‘quiet luxury’ and ‘coastal grandmother’ trends have given us a feel for high end aesthetics in neutral beiges and creams – and this autumn, that seems to be translating from your wardrobe to your hair.

Expect to see ‘linen blonde’ and ‘buttery brunette’ – the hair colour trends of the moment. For other hair colours, rich, jewel tones are in.

Fox red

Our favourite garden visitor is inspiring the tone of the season.

Tyler says: ‘Get ready to see red, everywhere. Seen on stars including Sydney Sweeney and Emily Ratajkowski, wearable hues of fox red and deep copper are cropping up all over our Instagram feeds.

‘We usually see the rise of copper colours every autumn, and this year we expect no different.

‘Instead of bright tones and more yellow-based shades, we’re expecting the colour of the moment to lean deeper and more red than before, the result being these beautiful shades reminiscent of autumn leaves.

‘This is achieved by balayaging or highlighting the hair, and then toning the hair to the desired shade. Be sure to bring reference pictures to help them nail your preferred shade.’

Cocoa buttery brunette

This is one for the brunette girls that want to look ‘bronde’.

Tyler explains: ‘Cocoa lights are warm, cocoa coloured highlights that perfectly suit medium-to-dark brown hair. They’re created by taking the natural hair colour just a few shades lighter and warmer in strategic places, the result being a subtle cocoa-dusting of multi-tonal shades.

‘Ask your stylist for subtle and warm tones that don’t stray too far from your natural shade.’

Amethyst purple

A fun look for a season.

Tyler says: ‘Rich, jewel tones are in this season, in the form of a hypnotic amethyst purple. Coupled with nourishing, shine-boosting hair treatments, this colour has just the right amount of glow.

‘Autumn is a great time to experiment with darker colours outside of your natural shade, with many people going for reds or purples, as this can be as discreet or bold as you choose.

‘The amethyst purple shade can be worn as a statement all over colour, or as a balayage to balance with your natural shade. If you’re still unsure, weaving in some deep plum tones into your balayage can be a more wearable option if you want just a hint of colour.’

Linen blonde

Michael Gray, creative stylist at John Frieda, says: ‘Think soft, creamy shades, natural and slightly cooler in tone, that resemble your favorite beige linen outfit.

‘It’s characterized as being quite soft, understated and chic, much like the clothing material.

‘To achieve this shade, you want to look at a partial colouring of the hair. Linen blonde won’t require a full transformation if you are starting from a fairly neutral standpoint – we’re looking at techniques like lightening, partial highlights, lowlights and balayage.

‘For those with light brown hair who want something more natural looking, linen blonde is a great, low-maintenance option and easy to achieve due to the naturally light hair.

‘If you have a darker base hair colour, I might advise to opt for a slightly warmer shade than linen blonde.’

Tyler calls this ‘desaturated blonde’, but warns despite the name, it’s very high maintenance.

‘This is achieved by bleaching the hair to a very high lift which might not be achievable in one session.

‘Your stylist will then tone your hair to a gorgeous creamy blonde by neutralising any natural yellows. We recommend protecting your hair by adding Olaplex or a similar bond-building treatment to your session.’

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