You’re defrosting your windscreen wrong – common error can land you with fine

One of the most tedious winter chores is defrosting the car.

We all have to do it, even though it's super annoying, but it's important to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive. Not to mention, being lazy with it could land you a pretty hefty fine.

Car experts at Swansway Motor Group have shared their advice on how drivers can avoid pricey fines if they use a common windscreen hack.

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Commenting on engine idling, a practice that is illegal under Section 42 of the Road Traffic Act 1988, experts at Swansway, said: "If you leave your engine running while defrosting your windscreen on a street, you could face a £20 fixed penalty notice. Moreover, if this charge isn't settled promptly, it can escalate to £40.

"We encourage our customers to be mindful of these regulations and consider alternative defrosting methods that don't involve leaving the engine idling. At Swansway Motor Group, we want to emphasise the seriousness of driving with a windscreen that's not properly cleared of snow or ice.

"We strongly advise our customers to take the necessary time to clear their windscreens thoroughly to avoid these penalties and ensure safe driving conditions."

The experts said defrosting your windscreen properly in the morning is crucial because it ensures full visibility for the driver. Driving with a partially defrosted windscreen can significantly impair your ability to see pedestrians, other vehicles and road signs – leading to potentially dangerous situations.

A clear windscreen is essential for accurately judging distances and spotting hazards on the road too. Icy or foggy windows can distort perception, increasing the risk of accidents.

By thoroughly defrosting your windscreen, you're actively contributing to safer roads for everyone.

They added: "In the unfortunate event of an accident, having an inadequately defrosted windscreen can affect your insurance claim. Insurers may view it as negligent behaviour, which could lead to complications with your claim.

"It's always better to be on the safe side and ensure your windscreen is clear before driving. A well-defrosted windscreen not only enhances safety but also driver comfort and confidence.

"When you can see your surroundings clearly, you’re more relaxed, more focused and better able to enjoy your driving experience. At Swansway, we believe that a good start to your journey contributes to a better overall driving experience."

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