Vogue Williams shares teeth whitening tip that can banish 20 years of stains

Leading dental care brand Colgate has launched a teeth whitening kit that can 20 years of stain in just two weeks.

The two-piece set and a powerful colour-correcting toothpaste landed in drugstores and supermarkets ahead of National Smile Day today (October 6).

TV presenter Vogue Williams recently tested the products and she was impressed by the result.

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Sharing on Instagram, the 38-year-old said: "With a busy schedule I cram loads into my day. I like a coffee to keep me going but since using Colgate Max White Ultimate morning and night (and sometimes on the go), I no longer worry about coffee stains thanks to Colgate's deep stain technology."

The Colgate Max White Ultimate LED Kit she used comes with a whitening pen and a portable LED mouthpiece. The UV light applicator which can be plugged into any smartphone, can speed up the whitening process to just 10 minutes.

Colgate claims the kit can remove up to 20 years of stains caused by food and drinks.

Vogue also used the brand's Max White Ultimate Toothpaste to reverse the deep-set yellow stains.

Powered by dual colour-correct action, the clinically-proven purple toothpaste whitens both the surfaces of teeth and below the enamel.

At the end of the video, she shows her pearly whites at the end of the video, leaving fans stunned. One said: "It’s brilliant. I’ve used other purple whitening toothpastes but this is definitely the best one."

Another shared: "I used strips, but haven't found a teeth whitening toothpaste that works. I shall give it a try."

Colgate's Max White Ultimate LED Kit is currently on sale at Amazon for £69.99 and the Max White Ultimate Toothpaste is retailed for £24 at Boots and major supermarkets.

This enamel safe teeth whitening kit, developed by dental experts, reverses up to 20 years of stains** for dazzling, whiter teeth. **Stains caused by food & drink with 2 weeks continued use 2x/day.

The teeth whitening kit is safe for enamel and super simple to use with the Colgate Max White Overnight teeth whitening pen and an Android or iPhone smartphone powered LED whitening violet light that comes with a ComfortFit applicator and a handy storage case.

The applicator moulds easily to your mouth and has 18 LED zigzag patterned lights for uniform whitening.


Shine and shimmer with a sensationally radiant smile when you brush with Colgate’s most advanced teeth whitening toothpaste that reverses 15 years of deep-set stains and instantly whitens.

The Colgate Max White Ultimate Radiance Whitening Toothpaste uses whitening science powered by dual colour-correct action, and it’s enamel safe for daily use.

The dual colour-correct action in this teeth whitening toothpaste works in two ways – on the tooth surface and below the enamel.


This pen is included in the LED kit, but you can also use it on its own. The Colgate Whitening Pen is super easy to use in just 3 simple steps.

It couldn’t be easier to get effective teeth whitening at home with this amazing teeth whitening pen that gives you 35 nightly treatments. Get whiter teeth while you sleep and flash off your dazzling smile with confidence.


For alternatives, this MySweetSmile whitening strips have gone viral on social media, with shoppers showing their bright gnashers after continued use.

US brand Lumineux has also left shoppers impressed. The whitening toothpaste and mouthwash delivered instant result, saving shoppers a trip to their dentist.

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