Flights to Newark Airport grounded due to drone activity: reports

Arrivals at Newark Liberty International Airport have been temporarily halted due to drone activity above another New Jersey airport, according to local media reports.

NBC reported that two drones were spotted some 3,500 feet above Teterboro Airport, located less than 30 kilometres from Newark Liberty.

Some flights were grounded at their departure locations to reduce the backlog of incoming flights, ABC reported.

The reported sightings come on the heels of disruptions at London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports in the last month due to drone sightings.

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Boy, 4, whose football-sized tumour is slowly killing him shunned by bullies

A four-year-old boy who has a football-sized tumour on his face that is slowly killing him has been shunned by bullies.

Simbarashe Dande is cruelly called a ‘monster’ by other children.

Some neighbours near the family’s home in Murewa, Zimbabwe, even believe he could have been cursed by an evil spirit and stop their children from approaching him, a relative has revealed.

Others are reportedly afraid of him and think the tumour could infect them, leaving the little boy feeling isolated.

The tumour – which the family say started as just a wart- means Simbarashe is unable to eat solid food and has difficulty breathing.

Doctors have said it could kill him at any time and the young tot is frequently in discomfort because of its massive size.

Simbarashe’s aunt, Makazvita Dande, 37, said her nephew has become isolated at home and is in agonising pain.

Speaking on behalf of the family, restaurant worker, Maka from Coventry, West Midlands, said: "He’s in constant pain on a daily basis, it’s very distressing for him and the entire family.

"He cries at night, the pain is unbearable.

"The tumour will kill him.

"It’s very difficult because his family relies on handouts from villagers, they have nothing.

"There’s no health care system at all so the family have used oils and herbs from local healers, but they haven’t made a difference."

Maka said the tumour originally developed from a small wart on the boy’s nose.

But now, because of the sheer size of the lump, Simbarashe is unable to eat or breath properly.

She said: "The tumour started to grow from the nose from a year and a half ago.

"It started out as a small wart on the nose but it’s just grown and grown. It totally dominates his face and it’s very upsetting to see.

"He eats from a small gap in the left-hand side of his mouth but can only eat fluids, so he’s started to lose weight."

Maka said that doctors have so far been unable to treat the tumour, meaning Simbarashe’s condition will continue to worsen.

His family are raising money via GoFundMe for him to travel to South Africa for life-saving surgery that will remove the tumour.

Maka added some villagers believe Simbarashe is the victim of a voodoo curse.

She said: "The other villagers think that someone put an evil spirit on him and that he’s the victim of witchcraft.

"He sees traditional healers and they use herbs but obviously it makes no difference.

"They just use painkillers but only when we send them.

"Some people feel sorry for him but lots of people are afraid and think that the tumour could infect them.

"He’s very, very isolated."

Speaking from Zimbabwe, his heartbroken dad Thompson Musiiwa, 48, claimed: "We’ve had no help. The doctor’s have just left him to die."

To donate to Simbarashe’s fundraising page, click here.

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‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Has Only Begun To Scratch The Surface Of What The Aliens Can Do

Only one episode into the CW’s Roswell reboot, Roswell, New Mexico, we’ve already been thrust headfirst into the extraterrestrial world of Max, Isobel, and Michael. They may look like regular people, but as any fan of the original series knows, they’re actually aliens with superpowers. And this early on, it doesn’t seem like they’ve even come close to showing what they might be capable of.

During an interview with Syfy, Nathan Dean Parsons, who plays Max, explained that his character has had to spend his entire life hiding what he’s capable of. "We have abilities that we can’t really explain, so we spend our life trying to hide those and really fly under the radar so that, you know, we’re not exposed as this ‘Oh my God, there’s this alien threat,’" he said. "We’re just people — trust us! We come in peace."

That means they likely try to use their powers sparingly — at least, in public — so it could be some time before we see the full extent of them. That being said, we have seen quite a bit already. Here’s what we knows so far.


Max’s key superpower is a pivotal moment in the beginning of the series, not just in the 2019 pilot but in the previous versions as well. Max saves Liz after she’s been fatally shot, drawing the bullet out of her and bringing her back to life, confused and disoriented but physically unharmed.

"The benefits to having an alien boyfriend, we find out quickly in the pilot, is that when you’re shot he saves you. He brings you back to life," Jeanine Mason, who plays protagonist Liz Ortecho, joked during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Psychic Connection

Rescuing Liz isn’t completely without side effects, however, as it leaves Max’s glowing handprint lingering on her chest. Through this handprint, the two are able to have a temporary psychic connection, meaning that Liz can have some understanding of Max’s thoughts, memories, and feelings — including the love he has for her.

Now that Liz knows Max is an alien, it could help them to keep one another safe — or wind up leading them into harm’s way.


While the aliens’ connection to electricity hasn’t been fully explained yet, they’re clearly able to manipulate it in some way. "We establish pretty quickly that Max has this effect on electricity around him. So when he’s feeling overwhelmed, whether it’s angry or particularly turned on, everything around him starts to flicker," Mason explained of the power in the same Entertainment Weekly interview.

In addition to resurrection, psychic connection, and electrical control, the aliens have also demonstrated powers such as telekinesis and super strength. It’s not entirely clear if they all share the same powers or if they have abilities unique to them, but there’s no doubt that more powers will be revealed as the story progresses. And since it’s clear that more than a few Roswell residents have it out for them, they’re going to need all the power they can get.

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Richard Madden Wins for ‘Bodyguard’ at National TV Awards in London!

Richard Madden is all smiles while holding his award in the winners room at the 2019 National Television Awards on Tuesday (January 22) at The O2 Arena in London, England.

The 32-year-old actor won the award for Best Drama Performance for his work on the show Bodyguard.

Richard beat out Peaky BlindersCillian Murphy, Killing Eve‘s Jodie Comer, Doctor Who‘s Jodie Whitaker, and Our Girl‘s Michelle Keegan.

Bodyguard also won the award for Best New Drama. Earlier in the month, Richard also won an award at the Golden Globes for his performance.

Also in attendance at the show was Teresa Palmer, who is pregnant with her third child.

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Men need meaningful friendships, not just mates

“You’re not upset or anything are ya, mate?”

“Nah, nah,” replied the man sitting opposite, shifting in his seat.

It was so obviously a lie that I couldn’t help but tune into the conversation occurring at the café table next to me.

Men don’t simply need more mates or more talk. They need more meaningful friendships.Credit:Shutterstock

The man who was doing a terrible job of insisting he felt fine was giving three men and one woman an update on the custody battle he was going through in the Family Court.

His mates’ responses were not exactly what you’d call sympathetic.

“He’s probably crying on the side,” chipped in the second man, which drew a round of laughter from the table.

“I think she was just looking around for a good looking bloke to make babies with. She couldn’t find anyone so she slept with you,” said the first man.

“No, she was so drunk she didn’t realise how ugly he was,” added the second man.

Cue more laughter and more uncomfortable fidgeting from the father. Only the lone woman at the table didn’t see the funny side, darting concerned glances at the young father.

The exchange was painful to witness. You don’t need a PhD in empathy to know that anyone going through a custody battle would be “upset”. Nor do you need to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that this father was particularly distressed.

Opening up and showing vulnerability is difficult to do when your mates don’t want to hear it, or turn your pain into a punchline.

But not only did his mates not encourage him to speak openly about his feelings, their banter shut down any possibility of him expressing himself.

To a witness to this awkward exchange raised questions about the advice routinely dished out by a small army of men’s health experts that men should open up, express our feelings and show our vulnerability. That's pretty difficult to do when your mates clearly don’t want to hear it or if they turn your pain into a punchline.

Associate Professor Michael Flood from Queensland University of Technology and a co-author of The Man Box: A study of being a young man in Australia says many men are poorly prepared by our culture to express emotion — let alone respond to expressions of emotion from other men.

“It is clear that men’s same-sex friendships tend to involve less disclosure, less trust, less intimacy  — and that costs men in terms of men’s ability to seek support, to deal with crises or everyday problems,” says Dr Flood.

“Separation is a perfect example of that. Men and women alike may find separation a deeply stressful experience, but men often have fewer resources than women with which to cope with that because their friendships are less trusting, less supportive and less close.”

This can lead to situations like the one in the café, where a friend’s distress was met with insults.

But, in fairness to these men, trading insults is a means for some men to express closeness and friendship while remaining within the accepted boundaries of masculinity.

Melbourne academic Dr Peter Gill, who teaches psychology at Victoria University in Melbourne and has researched the role that insults play in male bonding, says that insults can help to satisfy men’s core emotional needs.

“For men, showing affection, showing weakness, showing a need for other people is taboo. So what do you do if you’re a man? You’ve still got that need. You have to adapt – you have to find ways of getting it while maintaining your masculinity. It’s not ideal, but it is adaptive,” says Dr Gill.

Being able to give and take insults is a male rite of passage; a way of demonstrating that you understand the intricacies of male friendship. To refuse to participate in trading insults might be a sign of social ineptitude. Equally, being too aggressive with insults is likely to get you ostracised.

“I’m not saying it’s ideal, but we certainly shouldn’t be trying to curb this,” says Dr Gill. “If there’s only a limited number of repertoires that men can connect with, and you take one away, then what are you left with?”

Dr Gill says that problems arise when men’s emotional repertoires are limited to just trading insults with each other. Men who understand that they’re acting a role can alter their behaviour to different contexts.

Flood says that there is some indication that young Australian men make a distinction between mates and friends.

“Reflective guys, who have a more expansive gender repertoire, they can be the masculine bloke, they can carry on as men, and do the banter and insults,” says Dr Gill. “And then they can also go home to their wives, girlfriend or partner and be a different kind of man. They understand that masculinity is, to a large degree, a performance.”

And men may be becoming more discerning when it comes to how they think about their relationships with each other. Michael Flood says that there is some indication that young Australian men make a distinction between mates and friends.

“The mates were the guys who you take the piss out of each other, you have fun, you get drunk, you boast, you take drugs or whatever, but you don’t talk about problems, you don’t offer support,” says Dr Flood.

“With someone who’s a friend, rather than a mate, you can talk to each another, you can share personal problems, you can talk about relationships and emotions and so on.”

Thinking back on the scene at the café, hopefully the father has friends,  male and female, who offer deeper forms of emotional support. But the episode underscores the need to change the conversation about men and friendship from one of quantity to one of quality. Men don’t simply need more mates or more talk. They need meaningful friendships and deeper bonds, ones that allow authentic interaction, rather than snark and cheap shots.

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Brave giraffe SURVIVES four-hour attack by pride of lions

This lioness is a real pain in the neck! Brave giraffe SURVIVES four-hour attack by pride of lions – despite one clinging onto its back

  • Six hungry big cats could be seen stalking their injured prey in South Africa’s Klaserie Private Nature Reserve
  • They waited until the giraffe started eating before pouncing and jumped on to the exhausted animal’s back
  • Giraffe fought the attackers off, kicking out at the lions for four hours before the predators gave up and fled

A brave giraffe managed to survive a four-hour attack by a pride of lions – despite one of the predators clinging on to its back.

Six hungry big cats could be seen stalking their injured prey in South Africa’s Klaserie Private Nature Reserve.

The giraffe had just started eating when the lions pounced. Two jumped on to the giant creature’s back while another pair aimed for its legs. 

A brave giraffe managed to survive a four-hour attack by a pride of lions – despite one of the predators clinging on to its back

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    Warts and tall: Giraffe is covered in unsightly bumps due to…

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One of the lions held on with its teeth and claws for more than two minutes before jumping down and going in for the kill. 

Despite bleeding badly from its leg wound, the giraffe kicked at the lions for more than four hours before they finally gave up and fled. 

The dramatic episode was captured by safari guide Emily Whiting, who said she had ‘never seen anything like it’. 

On the prowl: Six hungry big cats could be seen stalking their injured prey in South Africa’s Klaserie Private Nature Reserve

The giraffe had just started eating when the lions pounced. Two jumped on to the giant creature’s back while another pair aimed for its legs. But despite bleeding badly from its leg wound, the giraffe kicked at the lions for more than four hours before they finally gave up and fled

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Kylie Jenner addresses rumors she’s pregnant again

People are always hungry for more Kardashian/Jenner baby news and Kylie Jenner found herself addressing whether or not she was pregnant in January 2019. (Photo: ANGELA WEISS, AFP/Getty Images)

We’re forever on Kardashian/Jenner baby watch.

Because, well, they give us every reason to be. 

So if people read between the lines when Kylie Jenner said she was “cooking” up a “new project” they can hardly be blamed for thinking that she might be talking about giving daughter Stormi, a sibling to play with.

“I have something really exciting I get to share soon with you guys! I’ve been cooking this up for awhile. I can’t wait to share my new project alreadyyy.”

Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait to learn the truth.

What is Kylie’s project?

As for Kylie’s exciting new project, we don’t yet know what it is. She hasn’t revealed it.

The Kardashian/Jenner bunch is exceptional at building anticipation for their newest endeavors. We’re just hoping that it really is something exciting. 

Because sister Kendall’s Proactiv partnership that was pre-hyped on Instagram by mom Kris Jenner as the supermodel’s “most raw story” was a big letdown.

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Meghan’s Favourite tea cups have sold out, but the teapot hasn’t

Meghan mania strikes again! £12 Soho Home cups sell out after a snap revealed the Duchess uses them to serve her guests – but you can still snap up her £35 teapot

  • Meghan’s make-up artist had tea with the Duchess and shared a snap online
  • Meghan’s tea cups, which are  from Soho Home in London, have sold out
  • The teapot she used, from the Country House range is available priced at  £35

Royal supporters have rushed to snap up the cups owned by the Duchess of Sussex after a photo of her afternoon tea emerged online. 

Meghan, who is six months pregnant, is the owner of a set of fired stoneware cups and a teapot from the Country House range at Soho Home, from the Soho House group. 

The set was featured in an Instagram snap shared by make-up artist Daniel Martin after he was invited to Kensington Palace for tea. 

Royal supporters have rushed to snap up the cups owned by the Duchess of Sussex after a photo of her afternoon tea was shared by friend and make-up artist Daniel Martin, pictured

Meghan, pictured at an event in London last week, is the owner of a set of fired stoneware cups and a teapot from the Country House range at Soho Home, from the Soho House group 

The cups, believed to be part of the £12 Flat White Cup and Saucer set, have sold out in the hours since the photo was posted. 

However fans desperate for royal-inspired dinnerware can still snap up other items in the range, including Meghan’s teapot, which costs either £25 or £35, depending on the size.

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A strikingly similar tea cup and saucer set is also still available, and will set you back £12 a pair.  

A description on the Soho House website describes the Country House range as having a ‘rustic, relaxed look that is perfect for everyday dining’.

Fans desperate for royal-inspired tableware can still snap up other items in the range, including Meghan’s teapot, which costs either £25 or £35, depending on the size, pcitured

The cups, believed to be part of the £12 Flat White Cup and Saucer set, have sold out online, pictured. A very similar Teacup and Saucer set is still available

The hand glazed production means each product carries subtle tonal variation in colour and texture. 

Meghan used her set to serve US-based Daniel the unusual afternoon tea during his visit over the weekend. 

The pair were said to enjoy black tea, posh ‘Sandringham’ Fortnum and Mason coffee truffles and slices of avocado toast served on silver crockery.

Daniel shared the picture on his Instagram account on Sunday: ‘Back to our Tig days…’Thank you Meghan for being the consummate hostess this weekend and still being the #avocadotoast whisperer, YUM! #foodie #foodiegram.’ 

Behind the scenes: Daniel Martin, pictured, who did Meghan’s wedding day make-up, offered a rare look at the private life of the Duchess of Sussex with his photo of afternoon tea 

Gushing: Daniel, a long-time friend of the Duchess, shared details of the casual meet-up on his Instagram account, describing Meghan as the ‘consummate hostess’ 

The make-up artist discreetly shared details of the afternoon tea’s venue by geo tagging his Instagram post ‘London, United Kingdom’. 

The Soho Home crockery is used at Soho Farmhouse, the exclusive countryside retreat of which the Duchess is said to be a fan. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also attended the opening of Soho House Amsterdam last year. 

Etiquette expert offers his take on Meghan’s afternoon tea

MailOnline columnist and etiquette expert William Hanson said: ‘Smashed avocado on toast is not usually seen on tea menus, in hotels or private houses, so it is a somewhat unusual choice. 

‘Avocado is usually seen on breakfast or brunch menus; nowadays it is very much a morning food. 

‘However, I am a great believer in the “your house, your rules” school of thought so if HRH The Duchess of Sussex wishes to serve it at her teas then good luck to her. 

‘I’m sure it was followed up with a delicious granola and hemp vegan scone.’

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22 cases of measles confirmed in Washington

Cases of measles have skyrocketed in one county in Washington state, according to public health officials.

Interested in Measles?

Twenty-two cases of measles have been reported in Clark County since Jan. 1, according to the Clark County Public Health website.

The majority of cases — 17 — have been in children ages one to 10, county officials wrote in a report published Monday. Four people ages 11 to 18 and one person between the ages of 19 and 29 have been diagnosed, the report states. One person has been hospitalized.

Measles is a highly contagious illness with symptoms including fever, cough and rash.

Several health care facilities, schools and a church have been identified as possible locations of public exposure. The outbreak has particularly affected religious and private schools in Clark County, according to The Oregonian.

Of those diagnosed, 19 people were not vaccinated, officials said, while three of the cases have been been verified.

About 78 percent of public school students in Clark County have completed their vaccinations, Clark County Public Health director Dr. Alan Melnick said in a statement. The county has one of the worst vaccinations rates in the state, The Oregonian reported, citing state records.

The public health office is requiring students and staff without documented record of vaccination to not report to the schools identified as possible exposure sites.

Before people began being vaccinated in the early 1960s, 400 to 500 people died every year and 50,000 were hospitalized, Melnick said.

“This is completely preventable, thanks to a very effective vaccine,” Melnick said. “The measles-mumps-rubella vaccine is 97 percent effective for two doses and 93 percent effective for one dose.”

Clark County Council Chair Eileen Quiring declared a public health emergency on Friday in response to the outbreak. The outbreak is evolving and Clark County officials expect numbers to change.

People who may have been exposed to measles may receive a call from county officials and are encouraged to call their health care provider prior to visiting the medical office to avoid exposing others in the waiting room.

Health officials are encouraging anyone who is experiencing measles symptoms to call their health care provider before going in to avoid exposing others.

“People who believe they have symptoms of measles should not go directly to medical offices, urgent care centers or emergency departments (unless experiencing a medical emergency) without calling in advance,” Clark County Public Health posted on its website.

In 2018, 349 individual cases of measles were confirmed in 26 states, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

ABC News’ Emily Shapiro contributed to this report.

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Pete Davidson Jokes About ‘Evil’ R. Kelly During Stand-Up Comedy Show

Speaking his mind. Pete Davidson addressed the controversy surrounding R. Kelly the best way he knows — with humor.

The Saturday Night Live star, 25, often makes over-the-top jokes about sensitive subjects like mental health, his sex life and more, and continued that trend when he did a stand-up comedy show at The Bell House in Brooklyn, New York, on Monday, January 21. An eyewitness tells Us Weekly that Davidson spoke about how he watched Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly docuseries, and subsequently compared their hardships.

“I thought I was having a bad year …” the Set It Up actor joked at his “Pete Davidson & Friends” show before his comments turned serious. “Man, that guy is evil,” he said, adding that he thinks the “I Believe I Can Fly” crooner, 52, “should get shot in the f—king face.”

Multiple women came forward for the first time in the docuseries to accuse Kelly of sexual, mental and physical abuse. He had previously come under fire in 1994 for marrying a then-15-year-old Aaliyah and again years later for allegations of child pornography, though he was found not guilty in the latter case in 2008. The latest claims have prompted many celebrities, such as Lady Gaga, John Legend and Christina Aguilera, to speak out against the “Ignition” singer and vow to never work with him again. Kelly has long denied any wrongdoing.

Davidson also made jokes on Monday about a topic that has become a staple in his stand-up routines: his failed relationship with Ariana Grande. The SNL star reiterated his opinion that his ex-fiancée, from whom he split in October 2018, is really small, which is why she thinks his manhood seemed larger than average to her.

“[Ariana is a] tiny lady, so everything to her is huge,” he quipped. “Every girl for the rest of my life who sees my penis will be disappointed.”

Grande, 25, first commented on the size of her then-fiancé’s private parts when she tweeted in June 2018 that Davidson is “like 10 inches.” She later wrote “HUUUUUGE” next to his picture in her “Thank U, Next” music video.

The comic and the Grammy nominee started dating in May 2018 and Us Weekly exclusively revealed the following month that they were engaged. They called it quits four months later, however, after the “Imagine” singer’s ex-boyfriend Mac Miller died from an accidental overdose at the age of 26.

With reporting by Nicki Gostin

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