These Tweets About Colton & Ben Higgins Are Everything Bachelor Nation Needs

What do you get when two Bachelors meet? Well, I’m still looking for the perfect punchline. But when Colton Underwood spent time with Season 20 lead Ben Higgins on Feb. 18’s Bachelor episode, the two Denver-based men understandably vented about the difficult process of finding love. While their convo was short and sweet, these tweets about Ben Higgins and Colton on The Bachelor prove that fans could have used much more of the duo.

ICYMI, Ben proposed to Lauren B. the First at the end of his 2016 season. Despite lasting longer than most Bachelor couples, the two called it quits in May 2017. The split didn’t sour America’s love of Ben, who has stayed active in the franchise with an appearance on Bachelor Winter Games and a co-hosting stint on The Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast alongside popular Bachelor contestant Ashley Iaconetti. Ben didn’t have to deal with as strong of a label as virgin Bachelor Colton has experienced, but he received flak for telling both of his final two women he loved them. Are you taking notes, Colton?

Before Colton met with the women in Denver, the two Bachelors got together for a catch-up. Colton admitted to feeling exhausted, but Ben advised him that the next few weeks would be the most emotional yet. Colton then shared his dilemma about the women’s warnings of someone in the group not being ready for marriage. Ever the counselor, Ben suggested being totally open with the contestants.

If Colton learned a new lesson from his chat with Ben, good on him. But as for Bachelor Nation, they were more invested in the return of one of their favorite leads.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and some viewers on Twitter weren’t so happy about Ben’s appearance. Given that his Bachelor relationship didn’t last, a few fans questioned if he was the best alum to bring back. Others just aren’t into Ben in general, but they did like the idea of him and Colton having a solid bromance.

While it made sense for these two to get together for a stateside chat, it turns out that Colton already spoke to Ben before he even met his season’s women. Following the Season 23 premiere, ABC released a deleted scene showing Colton opening up about his nerves to Ben. I guess the premiere had one too many live marriage proposals to squeeze this conversation into the final product.

At yet another bar, Ben advised him to just enjoy his time as the Bachelor and fulfill the job with grace.

Their first chat was basically the relaxing one-on-one date most Bachelor contestants can only dream of, so we should probably thank Ben for Colton’s relatively smooth first night at the mansion. We’ll have to wait and see if his most recent dose of advice settles well. On the other hand, do you think Ben would be up for a repeat season of The Bachelor?

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Feb. 25, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Does Caelynn Want To Be ‘The Bachelorette’? There’s A Lot Of Drama On ‘The Bachelor’

With only about a month left of the current Bachelor season, fans are naturally curious about which women will take over the Bachelorette title next. But discussion about that possibility doesn’t exactly look great when you’re still a contestant on the show, and Season 23’s Caelynn learned that hard way. Tayshia accused both her and Cassie of talking about becoming the next Bachelorette, but Caelynn denied the claims on her one-on-one date with Colton in Feb. 18’s episode. Does Caelynn want to be the Bachelorette? Let’s try to break this down.

ICYMI, all three of last week’s eliminated women warned Colton about falling for girls who weren’t ready for the lifelong commitment he wanted. On her one-on-one date in Colton’s hometown of Denver, Tayshia then followed up on their concerns by naming names. She filled Colton in on Cassie and Caelynn discussing the opportunity of becoming the Bachelorette and being more interested in the fame of post-Bachelor life. I mean, some of those Instagram partnerships do seem like sweet deals.

Colton understandably flipped over the news, especially because Cassie and Caelynn were essentially front-runners in the competition. "I had no questions for Caelynn and Cassie, and now I do," he told cameras. After giving Tayshia, 28, a rose on her date, Colton invited Caelynn, 23, to the next private date, meaning that a major confrontation was coming up.

Although they kicked off their day together with snowboarding, Colton and Caelynn soon headed into serious territory. Colton brought up Tayshia’s confession about Caelynn being there for the wrong reasons, and Miss North Carolina denied it. "It doesn’t make any sense to me…I hate this," she told him. "It terrifies me to know the way that I’m feeling and that I could lose you over something that’s completely fabricated."

While the stress of the situation sent Colton into tears with producers, Caelynn got busy clearing her name. She insisted that only she knew if she was ready for marriage and that she was genuinely falling in love with him. Her promise of marriage and babies earned her a rose from Colton, but Caelynn’s little victory also gave her the confidence to later confront Tayshia about what she said.

Once again, Caelynn was ready to call out those Bachelorette rumors as lies, but Tayshia had her receipts for dealing with the drama. Referring back to other contestants’ warnings, she pointed out that the only people who "acted defensively" after Katie closed the trio of vague goodbyes were Caelynn and Cassie. Rather than explain her reaction, Caelynn seemed to dismiss Tayshia as a fake friend. Not the best clapback, girl.

Although Caelynn’s beauty queen background would make her quite the poised Bachelorette, she was pretty solid in her wife material pitch to Colton. We have to wait and see if her beef with Tayshia continues after hometown dates, but at this point, we can probably consider both women as solid Bachelorette contenders. Will Tayshia pop up to say "I told you so" if Caelynn gets the gig?

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Feb. 25, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Saudi antiquities site, long seen as haunted, tries to woo visitors

AL ULA, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) – In a remote northern corner of Saudi Arabia sit the relics of an ancient civilization, which the kingdom hopes to turn into a global tourism destination as it tries to open up to the world and diversify its economy away from oil.

Backed by billions of dollars in state-led investment and a French cultural partnership, the authorities expect al-Ula and its majestic rock-hewn tombs of Madain Saleh could eventually attract millions of visitors, local and foreign alike.

That is generating excitement in the kingdom, while upending a superstition among many Saudis – and long-backed by religious edicts – that the area is haunted by jinn, the malevolent spirits of the Koran and Arabian mythology, and must be avoided.

Al-Ula’s development is part of a push to preserve pre-Islamic heritage sites in order to attract non-Muslim tourists, strengthen national identity and temper the austere strain of Sunni Islam that has dominated Saudi Arabia for decades.

Madain Saleh, a UNESCO World Heritage site located there, is a 2,000-year-old city carved into desert rocks by the Nabateans, the pre-Islamic Arab people that also built Petra in neighboring Jordan.

Elaborately carved multi-storey facades with epigraphs inscribed into the red sandstone give way to internal chambers where bodies were once laid to rest. At night, stars twinkle in the vast desert sky.

Superstition about the site can be traced back to a hadith, or saying attributed to the Prophet Mohammad, warning Muslims not to enter “unless you are crying … lest you suffer the affliction” of its people, said to have perished for their sins.

While interpretation of that passage is nowadays contested, Saudi state-backed clerics had referenced it for years. In 2012, one of them ruled that al-Ula should be opened to the public, but even years later a school in the area was temporarily closed after students sighted jinn, local media reported.


During a media tour, residents refused to speak about the area’s reputation for being jinxed, instead focusing on opportunities to make money and welcome visitors.

Locals are planning to open restaurants and shops, and a few hundred young people have been sent abroad to study hospitality. As conservative Saudi Arabia loosens social restrictions, some of the tour guides in al-Ula will be women.

“The local community is peaceful, educated and hospitable,” said resident Talal al-Faqir. “The crown prince … has paved the way for the entire world to visit us and see the huge civilizations in our region. We are just getting started.”

In Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s headlong push to transform Saudi Arabia’s economy and society, al-Ula has gained prominence.

He has ridden dune buggies through its sands and invited Western investors and celebrities for helicopter tours of the area, which abuts NEOM, the $500-billion mega-city he wants to build along the Red Sea.

Plans to admit tourists to Saudi Arabia have been discussed for years but have not come to fruition due to sluggish bureaucracy and concern over conservative sentiment.

International outcry over the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi agents last October may give some potential tourists pause, but calls for Western performers to boycott the kingdom have not caught on.

Many of the visitors to al-Ula during an ongoing winter music festival are VIPs or well-heeled guests, with ticket prices reaching several thousand dollars. Visas were arranged on an ad hoc basis.

Riyadh native Dana Daham visited last month with friends, taking a train from Jeddah to Medina and then a 300-km (180-mile) car ride.

“We didn’t expect it to be this magnificent. We keep hearing stories from people but this is way more than we thought it would be,” she said. “It’s amazing, it’s beautiful. So much history, so much going on.”

The weekend she visited featured a concert by the hologram of the late Egyptian diva Umm Kulthum. Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli performed a few days later and Greek singer Yanni is also expected, alongside Arab stars such as Kadim al-Saher and Mohamed Abdo.

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The Real Reason Some Experts Are Concerned With How Quickly Meghan Markle Got Pregnant

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first child together in the spring. And while the whole world is incredibly excited for the newest royal to arrive, some experts are concerned. Here’s why Meghan’s pregnancy is causing some doctors to speak out.

Meghan and Harry got pregnant soon after they wed

Meghan and Harry’s life together has moved pretty quickly so far. The couple only began dating in 2016, but they didn’t date for more than a year and a half before announcing their engagement in November 2017. And in typical royal fashion, the couple didn’t have a very long engagement. They tied the knot in May 2018, and kids were on their mind from an early point. By October 2018, the couple had announced their pregnancy. Since most women wait at least 12 weeks before announcing a pregnancy, Meghan likely got pregnant just a month or two after her wedding.

Meghan is 37, and she appeared to get pregnant with extreme ease

Meghan and Harry had discussed having children even before they married. The two both seemed very eager and excited to start a family. While Meghan never said if age had anything to do with it, it’s possible that she wanted to have the best chance at getting pregnant — scientifically, this would mean she should get pregnant sooner rather than later. Based on the couple’s pregnancy announcement, it looks like they got pregnant in July — maybe even less than two months after they were married. For almost any woman, two months is quick. But for Meghan, who is 37, it’s very quick.

Some are concerned that Meghan’s quick pregnancy may give some women false hope

According to Michael Chapman, the president of the Fertility
Society of Australia, the chances of a 37-year-old woman getting pregnant is
only around 15% per cycle. “Unfortunately, Meghan getting pregnant at 37
potentially makes people think, ‘Oh well, it will all be all right. I’m only
35. I’ll wait till I’m 37, because Meghan got there.’ It is potentially a
negative,” Chapman said in an
interview with MamaMia.

Although it’s definitely possible for women to get pregnant after age 35, the chances do decrease. And getting pregnant is different for every woman. Although Meghan was able to get pregnant with ease, that may not be the case for all women. Women might believe they can’t get pregnant or have major fertility problems if they’re the same age as Meghan and don’t get pregnant within two months of trying, since she did. “Certainly, at 37, most women who try will, at least within a year, get pregnant. Meghan was fabulously fertile, obviously, and managed to get pregnant pretty much straightway,” Dr. Karin Hammarberg, a fertility expert, also told MamaMia.

There are several ways Meghan may have increased her chances

For women around Meghan’s age, there are steps that can be
taken to increase the chances of getting pregnant, PracticalParenting
reports. And it’s possible Meghan followed some of these, too. You can
monitor your most fertile times through a fertility tracking device, or even an
app, to help determine your best chances of getting pregnant. Plus, studies
suggest the foods you eat play a role in your ability to conceive naturally;
Meghan has always been very conscious of what she eats, which could have increased
her chances. Neither Harry nor Meghan is overweight, which also increases chances.
Other things, such as not smoking and getting plenty of sleep, are important as

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WWII Sailor Photographed Kissing Woman in Iconic V-J Day Celebration Dies at Age 95

George Mendonsa, the World War II veteran identified as the sailor who was photographed kissing a woman in Times Square in celebration of the end of the war, has died.

At the time of his death, Mendonsa was residing in an assisted living facility in Middletown, Rhode Island with his wife of 70 years.

On Sunday, Mendonsa’s daughter Sharon Molleur received a call from the facility, saying her father had fallen and had a seizure, Molleur told the Providence Journal.

His death came just two days before his 96th birthday.

In the iconic photograph taken on Aug. 14, 1945, also known as V-J Day — the day Japan surrendered — Mendonsa was captured kissing Greta Zimmer Friedman.

Mendonsa had never met Friedman, a dental assistant wearing a nurse uniform, before that moment, the Associated Press reported.

The photo was taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt and published in Life magazine.

The popularity behind the photo prompted a number of men and women to come forward claiming to be “the couple,” but it was later confirmed as Mendonsa and Friedman, the Associated Press reported.

Lawrence Verria and George Galdorisi, authors of The Kissing Sailor, which was published in 2012, said facial recognition technology confirmed Mendonsa and Friedman’s identity.

“The evidence is so overwhelming,” Verria told Providence Journal. “There really is no doubt… This man deserves the credit during his lifetime.”

In 2015, Mendonsa spoke about the kiss as he was honored at the Rhode Island State House.

During the war, Mendonsa served on a destroyer, the AP reported, which is a long-endurance warship used to escort larger vessels in the fleet and defend them against attackers.

When the victory over Japan was announced, Mendonsa was on leave and happened to be in Times Square, Providence Journal reported.

Mendonsa revealed the reason behind the kiss was that Friedman reminded him of the nurses that would care for wounded sailors on the ship — and he had drunk a few alcoholic beverages.

“I saw what those nurses did that day and now back in Times Square the war ends, a few drinks, so I grabbed the nurse,” Mendonsa explained WPRI-TV reported.

Neither Mendonsa or Friedman knew of the photo until years later as they went their separate ways after the kiss, Verria explained, Providence Journal reported.

RELATED: Oldest Man in the U.S., WWII Vet Richard Overton, Dies at 112: ‘Not Just a Hero, But a Legend’

Friedman also spoke about the incident, telling the Library of Congress it “wasn’t romantic.”

“It was just somebody really celebrating,” Friedman said.

Friedman died in 2016 in a hospital in Richmond, Virginia, the Associated Press reported. She was 92.

In addition to his wife and daughter, Mendonsa is also survived by a son named Ron Mendonsa, Providence Journal reported.

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TV Shows to Watch the Week of Feb. 18, 2019: Academy Awards, ‘Desus & Mero’

Welcome back to Tune In: our weekly newsletter offering a guide to the best of the week’s TV.

Each week, Variety’s TV team combs through the week’s schedule, selecting our picks of what to watch and when/how to watch them. This week, the Academy Awards air and Desus & Mero make their debut on Showtime.

“America’s Got Talent: The Champions,” NBC, Monday, 8 p.m.

The first season of the competition series concludes as the winner is chosen from among the remaining competitors.

“Manifest,” NBC, Monday, 10 p.m.

In the Season 1 finale, Ben and Michaela must confront a dire threat to the passengers’ safety when Griffin schemes to take the callings public. Meanwhile, tensions between Jared and Zeke reach a boiling point, and Ben, Grace, and Olive make a devastating discovery

“Desus & Mero,” Showtime, Thursday, 11 p.m.

The titular TV and podcast hosts make their Showtime late-night debut this week. Freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will appear on the first episode. Future guests include John Legend, Vince Staples, Ben Stiller, Issa Rae, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Pusha T.

91st Annual Academy Awards, ABC, Sunday, 8 p.m.

The best movies of the year compete for the top prize in film. Some of the movies in contention this year include “Black Panther,” “Vice,” “A Star Is Born,” “Roma,” and “The Favourite.” For the first time in decades, the show will go on without a host.

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Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom’s Astrological Compatibility Is A Forever Kind Of Love

I think it’s safe to say the couple that had the best Valentine’s Day this year was Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry. After years of dating on and off, Bloom popped the question and Perry said yes. These two are getting married! And after looking at Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s astrological compatibility, I’m honestly not all that surprised. A relationship like this one? Well, it really is written in the stars.

Just some quick background on these two, in case you’re out of the loop on their love story: They first met and began dating in January 2016. While everything seemed to be going well, they decided to take a break in February 2016, when their reps told People they were putting a "respectful, loving space" between them. Fortunately, by August of that year, they were spotted attending an Ed Sheeran concert together, and by September 2018, it was clear they were officially back on when they hit the red carpet together at the Global Ocean Gala in Monaco. (Stars, they are just like us!)

While this might sound like a rocky start for most couples, it’s perfectly on brand for their signs. Bloom was born on January 13 under the the earth sign Capricorn, and Perry’s birthday is October 25, making her a Scorpio. While these two signs together means electric chemistry, it takes a while before either is fully ready to settle down. The result is often an on-and-off-again courtship that can’t be rushed. Sound familiar? Here’s what else we can guess about this couple, based on their astrological compatibility.

She finally feels safe enough to give someone her full heart.

View this post on Instagram

full bloom

A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

One of Scorpio’s biggest challenges in a relationship is trust. This water sign is very in touch with their emotions, but they try their best to hide them behind a shell, especially if they’ve been stung before. So, despite their great capacity for love, they tend to hold people at arm’s length until they earn their trust. Fortunately for Scorpio, it doesn’t get more trustworthy and honest (sometimes to a fault) than Capricorn. This earth sign is steady and pragmatic, and if they’ve picked you, they’re really serious about you. This is a sign that refuses to waste time, so they’ve probably thought long and hard about opening up their hearts. The good news? Once you have Cap’s heart, you never have to worry again.

The sex is intense and the passion is effortless — but a deeper connection is a challenge.

Capricorn and Scorpio’s sexual compatibility is complicated. On the one hand, the physical connection and passion they ignite in one another is effortless. Scorpio is a very physical sign that craves touch and is almost insatiable when it comes to sex. For earth signs like Capricorn, connecting on this concrete level comes naturally and is very rewarding. So, this combination of signs is one that burns brightly in the bedroom. Where they struggle is taking all that physical connection and going deeper — and really connecting on an emotional and spiritual level. However, they are capable of getting there if they both put in the effort. It can come in fits, but once that connection is truly forged, it’s strong — and hot.

They really “get” one another.

Scorpio and Capricorn definitely have their strengths, but can also be have some real challenges between them as well. Both are intense signs with connections to Pluto, the planet of power, and Saturn, the planet associated with ambition, respectively. While very attractive, these characteristics can also be intimidating and make long-term relationships hard, because these are both signs working on a different, more intense level. This is why, when they come together, it can be a powerful meeting of the minds. They finally found someone who really “gets” their level of drive and knows how to support them. Feeling truly seen is an incredible thing and can forge unbreakable bonds, making these signs, despite other differences, highly compatible.

Ultimately, Capricorn and Scorpio connections go one of two ways: They either go on-and-off-again only to fizzle out, or they connect and go all the way. With Bloom popping the question and Perry accepting, on Valentine’s Day of all days, I think it’s fair to bet that these two represent the latter scenario, and they can look forward to a long and happy connection. Sounds like a ~teenage dream~ to me.

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5 Shows Like ‘A Million Little Things’ You’ll Love If You’re Into Emotional Mysteries

Season 1 of A Million Little Things concludes on Feb. 28, and it feels like a hot minute since this drama’s early promos were all we saw if we turned on ABC over the summer. Since then, the mysterious circumstances behind Jon Dixon’s suicide have drawn in viewers, while the present-day obstacles his family and friends face often have fans reaching for tissues. We have a long wait to go until the series returns for its second season, so if you need that twisty, emotional fix on your screens ASAP, check out some of these shows like A Million Little Things.

There aren’t too many shows with a "mystery" that include the realistic, everyday setting of A Million Little Things, so many of these picks fall into a fantasy or sci-fi category. That just makes A Million Little Things even more unique, but you might as well binge a fantastical show that will still lead to a cleansing cry. After all, I definitely need a break from dissecting Barbara Morgan theories and wondering if Delilah is ever going to tell the truth about her baby.

Even better, you can currently find all of these shows on streaming services. Grab your Kleenex and start theorizing!


Available On: Hulu

You might have missed Lost‘s original run from 2004 to 2010, but the mere mention of the show still probably sends your friends who watched into a state of mixed emotions. The series finale is a hit-or-miss among fans, but the journey to get there is heartfelt, traumatizing, and puzzling.

When a L.A.-bound plane crashes on an unknown island, its surviving passengers begin to realize that this is no ordinary beach. Combining philosophy with the telling of characters’ pasts and presents, the show includes plenty of mysteries about what exists on the island. Like A Million Little Things, some of these questions are drawn out over time, but your love for the characters and their struggles to maintain their identities in this strange place will keep you invested.


Available on: Hulu

Wrapping its first season on Feb. 18, Manifest reminded a lot of people of Lost when it began. Both dramas kick off with an ominous plane ride, but in Manifest‘s case, a brief encounter with turbulence proves to be life-changing. When a flight finally lands after hitting a bumpy patch in the air, the travelers learn that their plane has actually been missing for five and a half years. Crashing on an uncharted island doesn’t sound so bad now, huh?

Characters try to return to their normal lives, but that’s a little tricky when everyone you knew assumed you were dead. The recovery process gets even more complicated when former passengers begin to experience hallucinations and strange voices. Enjoy deciphering what the group’s new side effects mean and watching them cope with their loved ones having moved on.


Available on: Hulu

As the little show that could, NBC’s Timeless bounced back from cancellation twice for a second season and a TV finale movie thanks to fans’ support. For now, its fate is sealed, but this time-traveling mystery delivers a dose of knowledge, heart, and intrigue. After stealing a time machine model from the U.S. government, the thief embarks on a mission to change American history for his own benefit. A history teacher, a soldier, and an engineer are sent through time to defeat him, but they soon learn that he isn’t the only enemy they’re facing.

Not only does Timeless focus on both popular and little-known historical figures, but it also devotes time to the stories of women, people of color, and those who identify as LGBT. These plots often pack a powerful punch, while the friendships among the main trio may also cause a teary eye or two. A handful of action-driven resolutions keep enemies’ mysterious intentions fresh in viewers’ mind. Plus, how often can you say that you’re genuinely learning something from a TV show?

4‘Once Upon a Time’

Available On: Netflix

If you want your mysteries to have a magical twist, Once Upon a Time‘s fairy tale world is for you. Concluding in 2018 after seven seasons, the ABC drama first focused on classic storybook characters unknowingly living as ordinary people in a small Maine town as a result of the Evil Queen’s curse. While the bad guys are never too obscure on Once Upon a Time, you’ll get caught up in the romantic, action-packed adventures of Snow White, Prince Charming, and more.

Created by two former Lost writers, Once Upon a Time employs actors and concepts that are very familiar to Lost fans. If you’re in the mood for a less complex mystery that has far more happy endings, the series might be the best fit for you.

5‘The Leftovers’

Available on: Hulu & Amazon Prime (with HBO add-ins)

After two percent of the world’s population inexplicably vanishes one day, the survivors are still left wondering about the mass disappearance three years later. With several cults now growing in popularity as a result of the upheaval, the series initially focuses on the tension between one of these groups and those still grieving the loss of others. Co-created by Lost‘s Damon Lindelof, the series has that irresistible touch of "real world meets dystopia." It doesn’t hurt that the strong performances are totally worthy of your tears.

They may be a little more intense than the emotion of A Million Little Things, but hopefully these suggestions will keep you busy without updates about Jon’s potential double life.

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Did Lisa Vanderpump Play 'Family Feud' With the 'Vanderpump Rules' Cast?

It’s “game on” for the cast of Vanderpump Rules and Team John Legend/Chrissy Teigen. The Bravo-fueled installment of Family Feud was taped over the weekend and cast members revealed who is on the roster.

Bravo super fan Chrissy Teigen spilled about going on the show on Twitter. She tweeted, “breaking: john and I are taping family feud against the cast of F**KING @PUMPRULES Sunday!!!!” She posted a few videos where she is practicing for the show with her mom and sister. After a few failed attempts to answer some questions, Teigen seems shook about her team’s prospects of winning.

So who can fans anticipate putting their best pop culture knowledge to the test? Plus, will the Vanderpump Rules queen Lisa Vanderpump make an appearance?

This is who is on Team Teigen/Legend

Teigen showed her hand on Twitter when a fan asked who was representing her family. “My mom, sister and john’s brother!” she wrote. With Teigen’s depth of pop culture knowledge, she will certainly be a considerable asset for her team.

John Legend should also be a formidable opponent for Team Vanderpump Rules. He’s one of the few artists with an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony). Legend could also be considered to be a brainiac too. He graduated magna cum laude from the prestigious University of Pennslyvania in 1999, CNBC reports. Legend’s brother, Vaughn Anthony is also a talented musician as well.

Team ‘Vanderpump Rules’ has some serious competitors

View this post on Instagram

@dailymailtv party a stressful success, but so worth the strict deadline! And topped it off with a little @mrjaxtaylor bday celebration w/ cigars #pumprules

A post shared by Tom Sandoval (@tomsandoval1) on

SUR bartender Ariana Madix is one confirmed contestant from Vanderpump Rules. Team Legend/Teigen may have met their match with Madix too. She tweeted, “MY FAVORITE SHOW WITH MY FAVORITE PEOPLE” in response to Teigen’s tweet.

Madix confessed she watches the show every day and literally shouts at her television when she watches Family Feud. She hilariously added, “THIS IS MY GAME **swigs from wine bottle**”

Tom Sandoval posted a behind the scenes video to his Instagram story. Fans cracked up when they noticed Sandovol misspelled the word “feud” in each of the frames, noting that team might be in trouble already.

Will Lisa Vanderpump play too?

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Lisa Vanderpump (@lisavanderpump) on

The big question is will Bravo queen, Lisa Vanderpump appear on the show. Madix spilled the beans on Twitter. “Me, the toms, Katie, and Lisa,” she wrote about who will play.

Sandoval told Instagram followers that he was nervous because he had to explain what “fast money” was to Vanderpump. Madix broke into Sandoval’s video, begging to do “fast money.” Sandoval continued to give fans a unique sneak peek behind the scenes. He followed the production crew to the stage and even filmed his team walking out in front of the audience.

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Richard E. Grant on How to Survive Awards Season With Flair

An Oscar would certainly be nice, but Richard E. Grant doesn’t need a golden statue to walk away from this awards season as a winner.

The 61-year-old actor landed his first Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of Jack Hock, the loyal accomplice of author-turned-literary forager Lee Israel (Melissa McCarthy) in the biopic “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”

Unlike most actors who become jaded by the grind that comes with awards season — its punishing schedule of screenings, interviews on late-night shows, and grip and grins — Grant isn’t taking a single moment for granted.

Instead, the veteran is fully embracing the ride, using the long hours spent at industry events as a chance to mingle with his favorite celebrities and meet fans. His social media platforms have become an endearing window into the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, one that lets his 200,000 followers accompany him as he navigates through the perils of awards season with aplomb. When Grant isn’t posting selfies with the likes of Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Emily Blunt, and Timothee Chalamet, he is perfecting the art of photo collages and sharing charming videos that capture his genuine pleasure in being invited to the big show.

Ahead of the Academy Awards, Variety spoke with Grant about cruising through awards season, Barbra Streisand, and why he doesn’t have an Oscar speech prepared.

Why do you think everyone has loved watching you navigate awards season?

Goodness me. You’d have to ask somebody else. I never had advice on this other than [from] my daughter, who said to me, ‘This is so extraordinary what is happening to you — tweet and Instagram about it.’ She’s taken these little 30-second video clips and I posted them, and I’ve been completely astonished how much they’ve been picked up. I suppose like anything in life, if you do it straight from the heart, it will connect with people. I’ve seen on Twitter and Instagram that people have said, ‘You’re responding like we would respond.’ You know, people who are not in show business, if this was happening to them. That seems to be the thing that has connected with people.

What is your typical day like?

It essentially started four months ago when the movie screened in Telluride for the first time. I had 10 days at home around Christmastime and from then on, I’ve been between New York, San Francisco, London, and Los Angeles doing Q&As after screenings, press events, chat shows every single day.

Say there’d be a photoshoot for two hours, then a lunchtime screening Q&A with SAG members or Academy members or BAFTA members, then another press meeting with a journalist at 4 p.m. Then usually in an evening, it was two screenings, which I didn’t sit through because I had to go from one Q&A to another in a different part of the city.

I’ve had a schedule that has been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my whole life before, and I’ve hugely enjoyed it. Because I had nothing to compare it to — I’ve never had this before and I’m quite sure it will never happen again — the entire experience has been one of genuine amazement to me that people have a) turned up and b) had such a positive response to me.

These events involve a lot of schmoozing, but you are allergic to alcohol. How does one survive a cocktail party without a cocktail?

What you don’t know, you don’t miss. When I was 17 years old, I discovered that I’m allergic to alcohol. I’m told the advantage is you don’t wake up the next day with a hangover. I felt like I’m a supercharged Duracell battery that just keeps on going and hasn’t tired at all. Having said that, after the BAFTAs, I slept for 14 hours straight through, which I don’t remember ever doing in my entire life. It obviously cumulatively takes it out of you, but your adrenaline keeps you going through all these events at parties and the schmoozefest that it involves.

What does a day off look like?

I’ve been at home with my wife, I’ve mowed the lawn, gone shopping, put stuff in the washing machine — all the usual things in life as opposed to living in a hotel and knowing from 9 in the morning to 9 or 10 at night that you’re going from one press appointment to another. That’s been extraordinary and I’ve met such a wide variety of people. I’m not for one nanosecond seeing the blues about this process. I’ve absolutely loved it.

Do you have any good-luck charms or rituals before awards shows?

No, because I’m not superstitious at all. It happens every year that I’ve been observing awards shows, there’s usually an actor that has a surefire through run. Last year, it was Gary Oldman and Frances McDormand. Usually, there’s one actor that’s like roadrunner and just burns the way through everything. I happen to be in a category this year and Mahershala Ali has won absolutely every big award. And as sure as I am talking to you right now, he will win on Sunday. Knowing that means essentially you don’t have to prepare a speech. I’ve been so awarded by the job offers I’ve had, winning 22 critics awards across Canada, USA, and England, I can’t say I’ve been shortchanged in the awards department. The big four — SAG, Golden Globes, Critics Choice, and Oscars — Mahershala has so clearly won those without any doubt that it’s in some way, it makes it easier. The other four nominees, we’ve shared this with each other, you know who is going to win so essentially you enjoy it for the ride it offers. The nerve-wracking thinking — ‘Gee could you or will you win?’ — is taken out of the equation.

Does that mean you’re not going to have a speech planned on Sunday?

Most certainly not. That would be foolish. The man that has to have the speech planned is the man who has had to come up with four different speeches for the four different awards that he’s already won. He’s the one with the duty of coming up with saying something new, not the other four nominees.

You never know…

Oh, you know. The law of averages, if you don’t think so yourself, the bookies, the internet, Google alerts, the world tells you. It just wouldn’t happen.

What has been the most surreal experience that has directly come out of awards season?

Two things. Going to the Governors Ball and while speaking to Emily Blunt for the first time in my life, being interrupted from behind by Tom Hanks saying, ‘You’re perfect in your movie, you’re wonderful, you should win everything.’ That takes you by surprise. Standing directly next to Tom Hanks was Steven Spielberg. Then someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Do you want to meet Lady Gaga?’ That was completely unbelievable.

I also had a morning off two weeks ago and I drove up with my wife to Malibu and parked outside Barbra Streisand’s gate. I took a selfie, I asked permission of the security guard, and then posted a letter that I had written when I was 14 years old. I then got a reply via Twitter the next day. That is something that I never ever thought could or would happen. Those two things have absolutely stood out. But what I’ve been overwhelmed by is the generosity of American actors and the American public toward me as a foreigner. That has completely overwhelmed me, and I’m so grateful for it.

How would you react to meeting Barbra Streisand now?

[Laughs] Goodness me. My heart just started pumping the moment you even suggested that. I heard a rumor she’s presenting one of the honorary awards at the Oscars. If I get the chance to be in her line of view, that would be extremely pleasing.

If you end up running into her at the Oscars, are you going to take a selfie with her?

I don’t know if she’d even allow it but yes, why not? As long as it’s from her left side. That’s a pre-condition of her entire career, that she’s shot from her left side because she believes it’s her best side.

What’s the most surprising anecdote you’ve told that people have latched on to?

I was in London and it was lunchtime here, and I just finished eating with my daughter at a restaurant in Notting Hill. She had the live feed of Oscar nominations on her iPhone, and we each had an earpiece in. I then posted a 29-second video standing outside the first apartment that I ever rented in London 36 years ago as an out-of-work actor as a waiter. That went viral and had 3.5 million views. I can’t even get my head around that. The fact that people responded in a way that they did to that absolutely astonishes me. I’ve probably met 1,000 people in my life probably or no, 500, and I’m friends with 60. To have that response from something that isn’t a movie, it’s just something that you personally posted online, that has been the most extraordinary thing that’s happened through this whole process.

When did you start to notice how much people love your social media presence?

People stop me in the streets or people tweet at me or Instagram message me. From that, because it’s so immediate, you get a sense of something happening. When that video was on various news channels I thought, ‘Wow, most times people only get on the news when they die or they’ve crashed a car or were in a drug bust.’ That this thing has come out of something positive seems pretty unique to me.

What did you learn from working with Melissa McCarthy?

She is so honest and accessible. There’s no subterfuge, you don’t feel any sort of careerism on her part. She’s so 100% there for the character that she’s playing and the movie that she’s done. It’s a real reflection of what a kind and genuinely passionate person she is. That is why she connects so strongly with audiences. I’ve been in restaurants with her and walked down the street with her, I’ve been at screenings, and she touches people in a way that seems absolutely profound. She, as a person, just seems to radiate and connect with people that very few people I’ve come across with in my life do.

How does awards season compare to shooting a “Star Wars” movie?

One is an entirely public exercise in connecting with people, and the other is a complete closed signed, sealed, delivered world unto itself that is completely private.

Are both worth it?

You bet.

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