The Good Doctor Recap: Will the New Chief End Shaun's Surgical Career?

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This week on The Good Doctor, Daniel Dae Kim scrubs in as new chief of surgery Jackson Han, and immediately takes issue with Shaun. Meanwhile, Melendez operates on a wealthy CEO, while Glassman tries his best to keep to himself during chemo.

Han is a no-show for his own welcome brunch, hosted by Andrews and Allegra. Instead, he makes his debut in the OR, assisting Lim, Claire and Shaun on a procedure involving a newborn named Percy. She has multiple life-threatening birth defects affecting her heart and abdomen. Han insists on operating with music, which throws Shaun off his game. He then puts Claire on the spot and quizzes the residents, mid-procedure.

Percy is stable and moved to the prenatal unit. Shaun goes to check on her and is stopped by her parents, Diane (Teen Witch’s Robyn Lively) and Nigel (Hell on Wheels’ Peter Benson). Diane asks Shaun if taking antidepressants had anything to do with Percy’s defects, which he confirms, bluntly, without any regard for Diane’s feelings. Word gets back to Han, who reprimands Shaun in front of Lim and Claire. Afterwards, Lim steps out with Han and tells him that she’s not a fan of his shame-based learning tactics. Unfazed by her concern, Han insists that the real problem is how she’s willing to defend Dr. Murphy.

“No matter how hard [Shaun] works, no matter how hard you try and help him, his limitations aren’t going to change,” Han says. “He’s going to continue to inflict them on our patients, all in the name of diversity and inclusion.”

Afterwards, Lim advises Shaun to steer clear of Han unless he’s asked a direct question. Shaun is willing to comply, but Claire argues that it’s the wrong move, explaining to Lim that had Shaun backed down at the start of his residency, Melendez would still have him on suction duty.

Shortly thereafter, Percy takes a turn for the worse and is placed on full cardiac support. Shaun has an “A-ha!” moment and figures out a way to potentially save the baby’s heart, but the doctors lack confidence that they’ll be able to repair her bowel. In fact, there’s a 90 percent chance that the bowel repair will prove impossible, even if the cardiac operation is a success. And so, the doctors present Diane and Nigel with two options: (1) They can proceed with the heart and risk that Percy dies slowly from malnutrition, or (2) turn off life support and let Percy pass quickly and painlessly.

When Diane and Nigel are unable to make a decision on their own, a judge is called upon to make a decision on their behalf, based on the recommendation given to him by Dr. Han. Han thinks they can beat the odds, so the doctors scrub in to operate on Percy. Shaun and Han focus on the heart, while Claire and Lim work on the abdomen. When they turn off cardiac support, Percy’s heart functions on its own but overpowers her lungs, making it impossible for her to survive without a ventilator. All hope appears lost — so much so that Han and Claire scrub out to inform Diane and Nigel that they’re about to lose their daughter — but Shaun comes up with a last-minute save that reduces pressure on the infant’s lungs. There are still one or two more surgeries in Percy’s future, but Han assures Diane and Nigel that their daughter will pull through.

At the end of the night, Han approaches Shaun at the bus stop. He applauds the resident’s remarkable diagnostic skills and tells him that he’s an asset to the hospital. Be that as it may, though, he won’t allow Shaun to continue on with his surgical residency. He’s already put in a call to the director of pathology and coordinated Shaun’s transfer. “No, thank you,” Shaun says. “I am a surgical resident.” But it’s not up to him. “You were,” Han says, “and you’re going to do great work in pathology.”

Elsewhere this week…

* Han gets off on the wrong foot with Melendez. He cancels Melendez’s hernia operation without warning, then assigns the cardiothoracic surgeon to do a full diagnostic workup on a wealthy CEO named Minesh Goyal. Melendez brings in Park and Morgan to assist on a full-body scan, which reveals a tumor. It’s likely benign, but the doctors are unable to biopsy due to the location of the mass. This leaves Minesh with a difficult choice: Proceed with a high-risk operation to remove the tumor and risk paralysis, or leave it alone and hope it doesn’t metastasize. Minesh decides to have the operation, during which Melendez, Morgan and Park are forced to remove the nerve that controls Minesh’s left foot in order to get the tumor out. The final pathology report will let them know whether it was worth it, but Minesh isn’t interested in the results. What’s done is done. 

* Glassman is reluctant to befriend Larry, a young man in chemo who’s trying to make the best of a lousy situation. Unlike Larry, Glassman doesn’t want to take on cancer as an identity. He eventually softens his stance and befriends both Larry and a fellow patient named Candice. 

What did you think of The Good Doctor Season 2, Episode 15: “Risk and Reward”? Hit the comments with your reactions!

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America's Got Talent: The Champions Finale Recap: Did the Right Act Win?

Following seven weeks of fierce competition, America’s Got Talent: The Champions has finally crowned its winner, someone Simon Cowell claims to be “the best of the best of the best of the best of the best.” (Did we miss any?)

But before revealing the champion of Champions, Monday’s two-hour finale looked back on the high points of the season. Viewers were even treated to encore performances from fan-favorite contestants like Tokio Myers, the Clairvoyants and Jackie Evancho.

And if behind-the-scenes history is more your speed, you probably loved the finale’s special look at how America’s Got Talent came to be — from its humble beginnings as a “terrible, overcomplicated, too-long” pilot called Paul O’Grady’s Got Talent. The old clips of former judges like David Hasselhoff and Brandy Norwood were also straight-up treats. (This finale may have been pure filler, but it was darn good filler.)

Monday’s Champions finale also marked Heidi Klum and Mel B’s final episode of America’s Got Talent as full-time judges. Neither will return for the show’s upcoming 13th season, with Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union assuming their vacant seats on the panel. In related news, Tyra Banks is also bidding AGT adieu, passing her hosting duties along to Champions emcee Terry Crews.

The second half of the finale introduced some of Champions’ top 12 acts into the mix, beginning with yet another intense display of recklessness from Deadly Games, backed by Cristina Ramos and Brian Justin Crum duetting on a killer rendition of Queen’s “The Show Must Go On.” Next up, Shin Lim enlisted the help of Crews’ Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-star Melissa Fumero for one last mind-blowing trick. Another unexpected team-up came courtesy of Darci-Lynne Farmer and The Muppets’ own Rowlf, who duetted with “Edna” for a special ballad dedicated to Cowell.

Then came the results, which included quite a few surprises. (Seriously, no love for Susan Boyle? After last week’s performance, I figured she had this in the bag.) Anyway, here’s how the season’s top five turned out: Preacher Lawson brought up the rear in fifth place, followed by Cristina Ramos in fourth and Kseniya Simonova in third. Second place went to Darci-Lynne Farmer, leaving Shin Lim as the Champions’ official winner.

Do you think the right act won America’s Got Talent: The Champions? Weigh in with your thoughts on Shin Lim’s victory below.

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Oscars 2019 Updates: Queen Will Perform at a Three-Plus Hour Show Which Won't Include Those Awful "Everyday People" Bits

After a lengthy period of tumultuous development, this year’s Academy Awards finally seem to be finding their sense of identity. All it took was an uprising from half of Hollywood and backtracking on several key decisions to get them there.

A new batch of Oscars 2019 updates has arrived thanks to an interview with the ceremony’s lead producer, Donna Gigliotti. She says the ceremony won’t meet its self-imposed three-hour limit after all, and we won’t have to endure any of those stupid “everyday people” bits that previous host Jimmy Kimmel incorporated over the past couple of years. Plus, Queen and Adam Lambert will be on stage to perform.

RIP, Stupid Bits

While Kimmel was a solid Oscar host, one of the worst parts of his ceremonies were those “man on the street”-style bits that brought average Americans into the broadcast. You know the ones: it’s the part that ground the show to a halt while Robert Downey Jr. blasted someone in the face with a T-shirt cannon, or when a guy who looked like a King of the Hill character wandered across the front row of celebrities, jaw agape as he shook Meryl Streep’s hand. (Those exact instances may not have happened, but you know what I mean.)

Thankfully, this year’s Oscars just got some much-needed good news: audiences won’t have to suffer through that nonsense this year. Speaking with The New York Times, Gigliotti put the decision in blunt terms:

“I love everyday people. I ride the subway with them every day in New York. Everyday people don’t get me ratings.”

No offense to everyday people (I am one of them, after all), but the Oscars is not about them, and it never has been. It’s supposed to be a celebration of cinema and the filmmakers and collaborators who make movies, not the people who watch them. Maybe this whole thing won’t be such a disaster after all.

A Three Hour Show Won’t Happen

For months, the Academy (and network ABC) was hellbent on keeping the show under three hours in an effort to boost falling ratings. But now that all of the Oscars will again be handed out live on the air, Gigliotti says the show will go over that length.

Good! This is the Academy Awards, for God’s sake. It happens one night a year. ABC clearly had an agenda of their own, but I’m glad they’re kowtowing to the pressure to let the show play out naturally without trying to impose arbitrary rules that probably wouldn’t even boost ratings anyway. The days of 50 million people tuning into the show are long gone – the network executives need to get used to that idea and work on figuring out a new way to adapt in this changing media landscape.

Non-Hollywood People Will Introduce Best Picture Nominees

How will the show handle the Best Picture nominees this year? The NYT learned the answer:

Brief presentations of the eight best picture nominees, for instance, will be “sprinkled” throughout the show, Weiss said. (Last year, the best picture presentations were condensed into a single four-minute montage that aired just before that category was awarded.) Eight people from outside the world of entertainment will give the presentations, speaking about what the films mean to them; [tennis legend Serena] Williams will give the one for “A Star Is Born.”

I wonder who else from the non-Hollywood world will appear to stump for these movies? Several of these films should be easy to talk about; two of them, less so. I imagine a person can just get by talking about the music for Bohemian Rhapsody, but to quote something I saw on Twitter this morning, who is going to step up and go to bat for Green Book?

A Musical Opening

But without a host, how will the show kick off? This video from Queen seems to indicate that they’re going to kick off the ceremony with former American Idol star Adam Lambert at the mic. The video doesn’t just say that they’ll perform at the Oscars, it specifically says 5pm PST, which is the scheduled start time for the ceremony.

This year’s Academy Awards airs on ABC on Sunday, February 24, 2019.

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Inside Emmerdale stars Charley Webb and Matthew Wolfenden's rustic family home in North Yorkshire – with piles of kid's toys and huge sofas

The actors, who are expecting a third child together, have created a stunning haven for sons Buster, eight, and Bowie, three, sharing glimpses of their lives away from the ITV soap on Instagram.

Photos shared by Debbie Dingle actress Charley, 30, reveal their lives outside of Home Farm revolve around their adorable kids, with plenty of playtime and outdoor activities taking priority.

The family live in a traditional brick home, complete with a sprawling garden, huge sofas and a sleeping their pets.

Traditional furnishings fill the living room, including a white book case and Moroccan carpet.

And toys are scattered throughout the house, with Charley revealing the kids are given limited access to screens.

She wrote alongside a photo on Instagram: "Walking through the woods is my favourite thing to do with the kids.

"They can explore for hours. It means no screens and no arguing."

Charley and Matt, 39, are extremely guarded about their private lives after meeting on the set of Emmerdale, and didn't even tell guests they were getting married last year.

Instead, they tricked them into thinking they were attending Charley's 30th birthday party.

Matthew recently told how Emmerdale writers wanted to put their characters in a relationship on screen.

However, they blocked the move because they believed it would interfere with their work/life balance.

In an interview on This Morning Matthew revealed: "They said they were gonna put our characters together and we just said no this would be dreadful.

"We go home together, we learn our lines together as it is and the thought of getting up in the morning and travelling to work together and then being at work all day doing scenes together and then going home together, we just said, 'No please don't put us together.'

"It's nice to get up and go off and be off with our 'Emmerdale' families and then get back home together."

Matthew also admitted that the couple get stopped when they are together all the time.

He said: "I mean it is great, people are so fantastic but it does take an extra half an hour to an hour walking round supermarkets together.

"We do get stopped quite a lot!"

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Off the Deep End: 'A Star is Born' and Why the MPAA Needs to Include Depictions of Suicide in Its Ratings

Content warning: this article contains forthright descriptions of suicide and suicidal thoughts. It also contains spoilers for A Star is Born.

I was hospitalised recently, due to a risk of committing suicide.

I’d been fighting depression and anxiety for years, but things truly got bad this past year. I’d recently uprooted to a different country, and uncertainty, isolation, and self-loathing had become major issues. As things got worse, I thought more and more about death, then about me specifically dying, and ultimately about suicide. Eventually I believed there was no future in which my death would be caused by anything other than my own hand.

It was with these thoughts lurking my brain that I went to see A Star is Born. Having not seen any previous version, I only knew the rudimentary basics of the story, so I went in knowing only that it was highly-regarded and a likely awards-season contender. I had no idea the film would conclude with Bradley Cooper’s character committing suicide – and didn’t think for a moment that it would ignite a chain reaction in my mind. Without getting into too much detail about the specific incident that sent me there, a little while later I was in an emergency psychiatric ward, being asked if I was carrying any sharp objects on my person.

A Star is Born is cited in my medical records.

For most people, this process is difficult to comprehend. How can a movie, for Christ’s sake, make someone suicidal? Prior to this, I thought I intellectually understood what being “triggered” meant, but I’d never experienced it myself. Turns out, in my experience, that the term “triggered” – now beaten into meaninglessness by alt-right bros making fun of “snowflakes” – is a bit of a misnomer.

While many joke about depressing films making them “want to kill themselves,” I didn’t walk into the movie feeling fine and emerge a newly-suicidal butterfly. Stories, images, and sound work on different psychologies in different ways, and when you’re predisposed to certain thoughts or feelings, you’re much more vulnerable to material that plays upon them. When you read or hear the word “triggered,” consider that, metaphorically speaking, the trigger is often already pressed down much of the way. It only takes a nudge to send someone into a catastrophic mental and emotional spiral.

I’m Off the Deep End

A Star is Born tells the story of Jackson Maine, country-music superstar, and Ally, the up-and-coming singer/songwriter he uplifts to titular stardom. Cooper, Lady Gaga, and Sam Elliott do great work as their respective characters. “Shallow” is a good song. For a while, at least, it’s a good movie. But it’s hard to tell from my perspective.

It wasn’t the mere mention or even depiction of suicide in A Star is Born that affected me; it was the specific way in which it played out, both in the story and in the filmmaking. Much of the movie centres on Jack’s addiction issues and troubled past, and a scene mid-film reveals that he had attempted suicide by hanging at age 13 – the same method he uses to take his life in his climactic scene. Combined with his lifelong struggle with substance abuse, the implication – to me, given my pre-existing feelings – was that Jackson was inexorably on the road to suicide; that it was written in the stars.

Cooper plays and shoots the actual suicide sequence with grim resignation. Jack goes methodically through every step of his plan, as if his final moments are as scripted for him as the movie is for us. The camera rests heavily upon each of those steps, deliberately echoing the specific hanging imagery the script set up an hour earlier. It’s as focused and assured as an actual suicide plan. From the moment the scene starts, there’s no question about where it’s going.

I didn’t cry – I merely felt myself sink into my seat, my consciousness disconnecting from the world around me, thoughts and feelings making connections that got firmer with every successive shot. For people without such leanings, it’d play out as the relatively artful, sensitive storytelling that it is. But I had been ideating around suicide, and A Star is Born solidified and confirmed those nascent feelings.

I’m not the only one who had such a reaction. In my home country of New Zealand, the Mental Health Foundation and the police’s Victim Support unit received multiple complaints from individuals triggered by the movie’s ending. It provoked David Shanks, head of the New Zealand Office of Film and Literature Classification, to have the film’s rating amended, adding “suicide” to its ratings descriptors, which all cinemas are legally required to display in their foyer. A full description of the decision can be found on the OFLC’s highly informative website.

Two Ratings Boards

Turns out, New Zealand is one of the few countries whose classification board actually cites suicide in ratings. The practice only really began ten to fifteen years ago, following the release of suicide documentary The Bridge, but as Shanks explains in a terrific interview with NZ film outlet Flicks, it was a positive move, and the practice is accepted as the norm. It is not a practice followed in the United States.

To understand this discrepancy, one must understand the difference between New Zealand’s ratings group and America’s. The Motion Picture Association of America is an industry organisation, acting not-insignificantly as a government lobbying group for studios, and its ratings system is entirely self-regulated and voluntary. The OFLC is government-run, its ratings enforced by law. One organisation is run by the movie industry and serves that industry’s political and PR interests. The other is run by the government and serves the public interest. This is important.

The NZOFLC is much more transparent than the MPAA, which notoriously operates behind closed doors. It makes more balanced and less market or morality-driven decisions. Sex, nudity, and swearing are given a softer touch, for example, while violence is a bigger no-no; the R18 classification isn’t the box-office death sentence that NC-17 is. Over and above the literal content of texts, the office evaluates the “intended purpose, likely audience, and dominant effect of the publication as a whole” – taking into consideration “artistic merit, cultural importance, or educational value.” One prominent example: Colin Firth cursing through his stutter in The King’s Speech did not receive the automatic R rating given by the MPAA to any movie with more than one “fuck.”

It’s really in its ratings descriptors that this difference shines, though – and this is the area most relevant to the subject at hand.

To Flag or Not to Flag

Neither the MPAA website nor the IMDb lets you search by ratings descriptor, but the OFLC website does, so I ran two searches: one on the OFLC’s website for texts classified with “suicide,” and one on IMDb for films with “suicide” in their user-submitted plot keywords. For a couple hundred titles, I compared the descriptors from both ratings bodies, and found a consistent trend: the OFLC has warned about suicide for a decade, and the MPAA basically never has.

Let’s look at five recent and prominent films, all of which feature prominent suicides or suicide-related material in them, and all of which, for what it’s worth, I think are great movies:

First Reformed (story is kicked off by a suicide; other suicide-adjacent content)

MPAA: Rated R for some disturbing violent images

NZOFLC: Rated R16 for violence, suicide and content that may disturb

Cold Pursuit (a character contemplates and almost commits suicide)

MPAA: Rated R for strong violence, drug material, and some language including sexual references

NZOFLC: Rated R16 for violence, suicide themes, sexual references and offensive language

Shame (features bloody suicide aftermath)

MPAA: Rated NC-17 for some explicit sexual content

NZOFLC: Rated R18 for sex scenes and suicide

Cold War (features implied and almost romanticised suicide)

MPAA: Rated R for some sexual content, nudity and language

NZOFLC: Rated M for offensive language, sex scenes & suicide references

Lords of Chaos (features extremely graphic suicide scene and much suicidal discussion)

MPAA: Rated R for strong brutal violence, disturbing behavior, grisly images, strong sexuality, nudity, and pervasive language

NZOFLC: Rated R18 for graphic suicide, bloody violence & sex scenes


The MPAA tends to lump suicide under “violence” or “disturbing images” in nearly every case – if there’s even a hint towards it. I only found two films flagged for suicide by the MPAA: the aforementioned The Bridge, and Girl Interrupted – the latter the only film flagged by the MPAA and not by the OFLC. Obviously, the OFLC hasn’t always done this – most pre-2006 films and some more recent films (Hereditary, You Were Never Really Here, Cloud Atlas) weren’t flagged by either body – but the fact that the change took place demonstrates that it is possible to change.

Far From the Shallow Now

Why does the MPAA leave suicide out of its ratings decisions? It’s possible that it’s due to its guidelines being based rigidly around depiction, ignoring context: someone shooting themselves counts as “graphic violence,” while someone taking a fistful of pills with vodka doesn’t merit a mention (except for maybe alcohol use). After all, it’s easier to point at literal images on screen than it is to debate the finer points of context.

It’s also possible that the MPAA, seeking to protect its members’ (Paramount, Sony, Fox, Universal, Disney, WB, and Netflix) box office takings, wishes to avoid spoiling characters’ endings on posters and trailers. At least, that’s a common criticism of such trigger warnings. But saying a film contains suicide doesn’t spoil who, when, where, why, or how the suicide takes place. It just says that it does, and that’s important to know if you’re sensitive to that issue.

I used to care little about this subject. It never affected me, so why would I? Experiencing psychological triggering myself, however, changed my perspective. I don’t believe art should be censored, obviously – this isn’t an issue about removing content from the public. I probably still would’ve seen A Star is Born, even with a warning – but I would have known what was coming, and steeled myself for it appropriately. Vulnerable people need to be aware of what they’re getting themselves into when they walk into the theatre, and ratings descriptors are the clearest way to achieve that.

Depictions of suicide – and war, sexual assault, and other concepts – might not affect everyone, but the people they do affect are hit hard. For everyone else, adding “suicide” to ratings descriptors won’t make a jot of difference. Assholes will get angry about snowflakes and political correctness – they’ll probably get mad at me for writing this article – but honestly? Fuck those guys. This has zero impact on them. Among the depressed, suicidally-inclined, or PTSD-afflicted, such a warning could literally save lives.

I was lucky to have Quebec’s public mental health system catch me before I made an irreversible decision. Americans lack that basic human right – many of the most psychologically vulnerable are the same people who can’t afford private health insurance – and they also don’t have a ratings body willing to take that tiny extra bit of responsibility. It won’t solve any problems by itself, but the MPAA could do its part pretty damned easily.

All it has to do is put one extra word in its vocabulary.

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Madam Secretary's Keith Carradine Talks Dalton's Nicaragua Nightmare

Madam Secretary‘s President Dalton is known for being a man of action, a leader who swiftly gathers his cabinet’s counsel then moves forward with decisive action. So his hesitant approach to an international incident — which played out in Sunday’s episode — was something portrayer Keith Carradine hadn’t often encountered in five seasons of portraying the fictional POTUS. And when he had, the matter was literally life or death.

Carradine recalls Dalton’s brain tumor in Season 4, which impaired the commander-in-chief’s judgment and led his advisers to consider using the 25th Amendment to replace him. Though everyone (and the country) emerged from that crisis unscathed, “one of the things that was mentioned, and that he lives with, is that [the tumor] could come back,” the actor tells TVLine. “It’s always under the surface in my mind, that sort of niggling self-doubt that will always be there ever since he had that experience.”

Sunday’s installment chronicled an incident that happened in 1983, when Dalton was CIA station chief in Nicaragua. Via flashbacks, viewers saw an op that went very wrong and ended with the death of President Sandino’s wife. In the present-day, Sandino’s son was the Central American country’s dictator-esque president himself. Dalton’s guilt over his involvement in the man’s mother’s death caused him to hold off on taking a strong stance when the Nicaraguan president OK’d a military siege against some charity workers — including a few Americans — holed up in a church.

Read on for Carradine’s take on Dalton’s daring attempt to rectify the situation in both timelines, and make sure to stick around for his take on what Conrad’s life might look like the day after Elizabeth (fingers crossed!) takes over the Oval Office.

TVLINE | If Dalton were still CIA station chief in Nicaragua, do you think he’d still be willing to throw himself into a dangerous situation with Sandino Jr. the way he did with Sandino Sr.?
No. I think he might have gained a little wisdom with age. That was somewhat reckless, and I think that kind of recklessness is the providence of youth, is it not? Perhaps if he had to do it again, I think he probably would have found a more judicious way to try to disarm the situation.

TVLINE | He never told Elizabeth that he directly approached Sandino Sr. It’s a surprise to her when she reads it in the file. They’re close friends. Why do you think he never brought it up?
Well, I think that it was…for me that would have been a case of people only need to know what they need to know, and that was not a need-to-know for her, as far as he was concerned at the time. And I think that that’s about compartmentalizing the process and not wanting to put people in a position of being involved in something that might prove to be sticky for themselves, for their own position within the agency. I think he was probably, in a certain way, protecting those who didn’t participate in that particular operation.

TVLINE | Do you think that Dalton sees the Nicaragua incident as one of the major failures of his career?
I certainly think he carries that as in his bag of mistakes that weigh on him, you know? Absolutely. Those kinds of mistakes, when they are made and the consequences of them, can lead to how one thinks forward from that, and the kinds of decisions one makes having made those mistakes.

TVLINE | I’m guessing you probably have not discussed this at all with the show, and it’s far off, but what do you think Dalton’s retirement plan could be? What will he do, first thing, the first morning he’s not president?
Sleep in. [Laughs]

TVLINE | I’ve often wondered how it feels when you go from being the leader of the free world one day to being a normal American citizen the next.
It has to be an extraordinary change. You know, we’ve watched Obama in his retirement from the presidency, and he’s remained extremely active. He’s obviously an active participant in our democracy and the preservation of such. I think he’s very committed to that, and I would imagine that Dalton, the nature of his character is such that he would probably try to remain some kind of a force for positive, forward movement in our society,  in our country and in our democracy. I don’t think Dalton… He doesn’t strike me as a president who takes a whole lot of executive time.

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Did Blake Shelton Know About Ex, Miranda Lambert's Secret Wedding?

Some celebrities announced their engagement while others wait until even after a wedding for an announcement. Although it might be a surprise to fans there are those who are let in on the secret.

Miranda Lambert announced she got married leaving some to wonder if she let her ex-husband Blake Shelton know beforehand. Here is everything we know about whether Lambert let Shelton in on her secret.

Miranda Lambert announced she got married to Brendan McLoughlin

View this post on Instagram

In honor of Valentine’s Day I wanted to share some news. I met the love of my life. And we got hitched! My heart is full. Thank you Brendan Mcloughlin for loving me for…. me. ❤️ #theone

A post shared by Miranda Lambert (@mirandalambert) on

The country singer announced that she has a new husband to celebrate Valentine’s Day. She posted a wedding photo to Instagram with the caption, “In honor of Valentine’s Day I wanted to share some news. I met the love of my life. And we got hitched! My heart is full. Thank you Brendan Mcloughlin for loving me for…. me. “

According to AOL, McLoughlin is a police officer from Staten Island. He has a three-month-old kid from a previous relationship. He was a model before he was a police officer. It’s still unknown how the two met.

So was Shelton given a heads up that Lambert was getting married?

Blake Shelton reportedly didn’t know about Miranda Lambert’s wedding

View this post on Instagram

#TeamBlake is coming for you! TOMORROW on @TheVoice! – Team BS

A post shared by Blake Shelton (@blakeshelton) on

A source revealed to Us Weekly that The Voice star didn’t know Lambert got married. “Blake found about the wedding at the same time everyone else did,” said the insider.

That’s mostly because the two reportedly ended on bad terms and haven’t been keeping in touch. “Blake was not given a heads-up and doesn’t know her new husband,” said the source. “Since they split they have had almost zero contact.”

The exes have moved on romantically, but last year many thought Shelton was slamming Lambert on Twitter. That wasn’t exactly surprising given they ended on bad terms.

Shelton previously tweeted about karma

Last April, fans wondered if the drama between Lambert and Shelton wasn’t exactly over. At the time, there were rumors that Lambert was dating Evan Felker, from the folk group Turnpike Troubadours. They reportedly started their relationship while she was dating Anderson East.

Also, Felker was in the process of getting divorced from Staci Nelson, who Lambert was on tour with at the time. Shelton tweeted, “Been taking the high road for a long time… I almost gave up. But I can finally see something on the horizon up there!! Wait!! Could it be?! Yep!! It’s karma!!”

Fans wondered if the tweet was a dig at Lambert’s reported messy situation. The two got married in 2005 and Shelton later filed for divorce in 2006. At first the two avoided slamming each other in public, but there were some things fans later noticed.

Lambert once changed lyrics to “Little Red Wagon” from “I live in Oklahoma” to “I got the hell out of Oklahoma” during a concert. The two also went on to make new music about their breakup, but never really went into detail of why their marriage ended.

Shelton is now in a relationship with Gwen Stefani and he gave credit to her surviving. “Next thing I know, I wake up and Gwen’s all I care about,” Shelton told Billboard and I’m wondering if she feels the same about me. She saved my life.”

So chances are if Shelton ever walks down the aisle he won’t be giving a heads up to Lambert either.

Read more: Is Blake Shelton Planning On Proposing To Gwen Stefani?

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Adam Collard BANS Zara McDermott from luxury Maldives trip he bought her as a gift – and will go on her Christmas trip without her

The Love Island star will jet off on the expensive holiday this week after cruelly dumping Zara by text following a wild night in a hotel room with two women.

It was rumoured he planned to cancel the entire trip, but the 23-year-old has since decided he's in need of some rest and recuperation following the split.

A source told The Sun Online said: "Adam has had a change of heart and decided to go to the Maldives this week as planned.

"He spent a lot of money on it as a Christmas present to Zara, but he's going to take a friend instead.

"Things are still bitter between them, so he thinks it's best if he's the one who gets to go away."

They added: "Adam plays up to the cameras that there was nothing wrong in the relationship, but in reality he knows his wrongdoings."

In November Zara surprised Adam by whisking him away to the Bahamas and Miami in celebration of his 23rd birthday.

He returned the favour at Christmas when he presented her with two tickets to the Maldives.

But since the pair split last week, it appears 22-year-old Zara won't be the one enjoying her own Christmas present.

During an appearance on ITV's This Morning today, Adam claimed to "still care about Zara" after ending their seven-month relationship.

He said his "heart dropped" when he heard about a brutal stabbing outside a nightclub where his ex was partying on Saturday night with her Love Island friends.

Quizzed on his relationship with Zara, Adam told Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford: "It's really hard because it would be easy to get out of a relationship if someone had done something wrong, but it wasn't like that.

"We're just not getting on right now.

"We're not a couple. It's hard."

He added: "My heart dropped when I knew she was in the club as [the stabbing] happened.

"I've obviously spoken to her and she said she came outside and saw the commotion.

"She actually saw one individual with blood on them lying on the floor."

Adam appeared on the programme to talk about his battle with body dysmorphia.

He weighed 16 stone as a 14-year-old and has struggled to see himself any differently despite his toned physique as personal trainer.

It comes after he was slammed by fans for posting a video of him firing a gun and captioning it "Thank U, Next" after his break up.

At first the Love Island star laughed about the uproar, telling one fan: "Hahaha it’s a f***ing buxton bottle", but later edited the message.

Despite changing his wording to "man things", Adam still refused to apologise and instead explained himself to followers who were up in arms about his "disrespectful" post.

The personal trainer was previously accused of "emotionally abusive behaviour" on Love Island by domestic abuse charity Women's Aid.

It came after he questioned Rosie Williams' memory of events while dumping her just days after she performed a sex act on him in the villa.

After Adam eventually edited the caption, he told followers: "I've changed this caption for the benefit of people's poor opinions. But I care about Zara a hell of a lot and wouldn't put anything on here that I thought was going to upset her in any way.

"We've been through a lot together and I'll always cherish that.

"That caption did not have another meaning at all.

"It was just stereotypical caption that is commonly used by people in the UK right now.

"And I thought it could be funny to use for a completely irrelevant video.

"I've chosen not to comment on what's happened for now and will remain this way until the time's right.

"But if you think me and Zara will ever be nasty or malicious to one another you're wrong."

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Nightflyers Season 2 release date, trailers, cast, plot and everything we know so far

Syfy’s Nightflyers is the latest horror sci-fi series that fans are talking about. The first season of the series dropped on Netflix for viewers outside the U.S. on February 1 after it premiered on Syfy on December 2, 2018, and ended on December 13.

After having watched the first season, fans are now asking whether there will be Nightflyers Season 2. Fans want to know when Nightflyers Season 2 will come out and what to expect of the plot of the upcoming season.

To answer your questions, we bring you everything we know so far about Nightflyers Season 2, including likely release date, cast, trailers, and plot.

Will there be Nightflyers Season 2?

There is no official word yet from Syfy whether Nightflyers will be renewed for Season 2. But the first season of Nightflyers ended with a cliffhanger that left many questions unanswered and opened up multiple new plot and storyline possibilities for Nighflyers Season 2.

Although the cliffhanger reveals that the showrunners hope to return for Season 2, it is not yet clear whether Syfy will renew Nightflyers for another Season.

Ratings are usually the best predictor of whether a show will be renewed for a new season. But the ratings for Nightflyers’ inaugural season on Syfy have not been very impressive. The ratings dropped from 0.15 (18- 49 demographic) and 0.623 million viewers (Live+SameDay) for the season premiere on December 2 to 0.09 and 0.420 million viewers for the season finale that aired on December 13, 2018.

Overall, the first season of Nightflyers averaged a 0.09 rating and 0.395 million viewers.

The critical reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic have also not been particularly good. However, the pickup of the series by the streaming giant Netflix makes it more likely that we will see another season of the horror sci-fi series.

Being available for streaming on Netflix gives the series a better opportunity to attract more attention and gain more viewership.
Many TV series have been saved from obscurity following a Netflix pickup. And a Season 2 renewal could give the creators the chance to set right the plot and storyline shortcomings of the inaugural season.

A better performance on Netflix will positively influence Syfy’s decision to renew the series. And even if Syfy eventually decides to cancel the show, Netflix could pick it up as an addition to its original series lineup. This could bring about a change in the creative direction of the series that makes it appeal to a wider audience.

Nightflyers Season 2 release date

If Syfy renews Nightflyers for Season 2, the channel will likely follow the schedule for Season 1. That is, fans can hope to see Nightflyers Season 2 released in December 2019 (Season 1 premiered in December 2018).

If Nightflyers Season 2 premieres on Syfy in December 2019, fans outside the U.S. can expect to see the new season on Netflix early in 2020, before it eventually launches on the streaming platform for U.S. viewers late in 2020.

Nightflyers Season 2 details

Nightflyers is the small screen adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s horror/science fiction novella and the short story collection of the same name.

The novella and short story collection were made into a film back in the 1987, but the movie failed at the box office.

Although Martin is credited as an executive producer for Nightflyers he was unable to directly participate in developing the series as a result of his exclusive contract with HBO.

Martin is best known as a fantasy, horror and science fiction writer. He is also a screenwriter and TV producer. His best-known work in the fantasy genre is A Song of Ice and Fire book series, which was adapted into HBO’s Game of Thrones (TV series 2011- ).

The first 10-episode season of Nightflyers premiered on Syfy on December 2, 2018. The series also launched on Netflix on February 1, 2019.

The TV series adaptation of Martin’s Nightflyers was written by showrunner Jeff Buhler.

Nightflyers Season 1 was produced in early 2018, with filming taking place on location in Limerick, Ireland. The companies producing the series are Universal Cable Productions, Netflix, Hypnotic, Gaeta Rosenzweig Films, and Lloyd Ivan Miller Productions.

The series is executive produced by Buhler, Gene Klein, Alison Rosenzweig and Michael Gaeta (Gaeta Rosenzweig Films), Lloyd Ivan Miller and Alice P. Neuhauser (Lloyd Ivan Miller Productions), and David Bartis and Doug Liman (Hypnotic).

The story, set in 2093, follows a team of scientists who travel with a telepath in an advanced spacecraft, The Nightflyer, on a mission to save humanity from extinction, following the outbreak of a deadly disease on Earth. The goal of the mission is to contact an alien race in the void beyond our solar system who can help to save humanity.

Nightflyers Season 2 trailers

Syfy has not yet dropped a trailer for Nightflyers Season 2. But based on the fact that the network dropped the trailer for season 1 in March 2018, several months before the season premiered in December, fans are hoping that if Season 2 is renewed early enough we might be able to see the first trailer for Season 2 in spring 2019.

However, it is very unlikely that the trailer for Season 2 will be available in the spring of 2019. But if Syfy renews Nightflyers for Season 2 by the spring of 2019, fans can hope to see the first trailer by the fall of 2019.

While we await news of the renewal of Nightflyers for Season 2, enjoy the trailers for Season 1.

Nightflyers Season 2 cast

The main cast of Nightflyers Season 1 is expected to return for Season 2 if the series returns.

The series stars Gretchen Mol (Boardwalk Empire) as the psychiatrist Dr. Agatha Matheson, Eoin Macken (Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, The Night Shift) as astrophysicist and expedition leader Karl D’Branin, David Ajala (Jupiter Ascending, Fast & Furious) as ship captain Roy Eris, Sam Strike (Timeless, EastEnders) as L-1 telepath Thale, Maya Eshet (Teen Wolf) as the cyberneticist Lommie, Angus Sampson (Mad Mike: Fury Road, Fargo) as xenobiologist Rowan, Jodie Turner-Smith (The Neon Demon, The Last Ship) as the genetically enhanced human Melantha Jhirl, and Brían O’Byrne (Million Dollar Baby) as chief engineer Auggie.

Nightflyers Season 2 plot

Nightlfyers is set in 2093 and tells the story of a team of scientists and a telepath who embark on a perilous journey on board the Nightflyer beyond our solar system with the aim of making first contact with a mysterious alien race known as the Volcryn.

They undertake the dangerous journey to obtain the knowledge needed to save humanity from the outbreak of a deadly disease. But the mission soon runs into trouble when it emerges that there is a mysterious and malevolent digital presence on board the Nightflyer. The evil presence turns out to be the digitally uploaded consciousness of the captain’s dead mother.

The entity unleashes a bloodbath and the only hope of the human crew is Melantha Jhirl, the genetically enhanced human member of the crew.

The plot and storyline for Nightflyers Season 1 is based on the novella by author George R.R. Martins. But major changes had to be made to the plot of the TV series adaptation to allow it to go on beyond the novella’s story which ends with everybody except one crew member dying.

Nightflyers Season 1 finale ended on a cliffhanger that opened up a wide field of alternative storytelling possibilities for a potential Season 2 run of the series.

We meet the alien Volcryn for the first time in the season finale, and we will be seeing more of them if the series returns for Season 2. And while the first appearance of the Volcryn answered some questions, it raised new ones that Season 2 will need to address.

The inaugural season ends with D’Branin (Eoin Macken) being transported back to Earth. He is reunited with his daughter in an alternate timeline where she is alive even though the deadly plague is still raging.

Fans are looking forward to Nightflyers Season 2 to learn what happened to the crew. Did they survive the reboot? Did they meet the Volcryn? Did they also get transported back to alternate Earth realities like D’Branin?

“Well, it’s funny because I suppose it’s a cliffhanger. It’s also in a sense a return to the beginning,” showrunner Buhler said while commenting on the cliffhanger ending of Season 1 during a chat with Collider.

“We’ve been dealing with memories and the sort of cyclical story you see open with Agatha and Rowan as they appear at the end of the series, or close to the end of the series, and we end with D’Branin in a moment that mirrors his the beginning of his journey.”

Fans are also hoping that the series will return for Season 2 so that they can get answers to other questions left unanswered, such as the nature, powers and purpose of the Volcryn, and what happens to the rest of the crew after contacting the aliens.

It remains to be seen whether the creators of Nightlfyers will have the opportunity to answer these questions since we do not yet know whether Syfy plans to renew the series for Season 2.

“When I pitched Nightflyers, I pitched a journey that encompassed more than one season,” Buhler told The Verge. “The novella essentially outlines where the first season goes and leaves us in a place of total mystery. We have some opportunities to dig a bit deeper into the world.”

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Writers Guild Awards: The Americans, Mrs. Maisel and Barry Among Winners

The 71st Annual Writers Guild Awards were handed out Sunday night in Los Angeles and New York City, and they were very good to the Jennings, Midge and Barry.

The Americans’ final season took home the gold for Drama Series, while The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel claimed the Comedy Series trophy. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story won for Best Long-Form Adapted Series.

Showtime’s Homeland and HBO’s Barry earned individual episode accolades, with the latter also picking up the New Series award.

TV’s major winners are listed below.

The Americans — WINNER
Better Call Saul
The Crown
The Handmaid’s Tale

The Good Place
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel — WINNER

Barry — WINNER
The Haunting of Hill House

Castle Rock — WINNER
My Dinner with Hervé

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story — WINNER
The Looming Tower
Sharp Objects

“Bart’s Not Dead” (The Simpsons), by Stephanie Gillis — WINNER
“Boywatch” (Bob’s Burgers), by Rich Rinaldi
“Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now” (Bob’s Burgers), by Lizzie Molyneux & Wendy Molyneux
“Krusty the Clown” (The Simpsons), by Ryan Koh
“Mo Mommy Mo Problems” (Bob’s Burgers), by Steven Davis
“Send in Stewie, Please” (Family Guy), by Gary Janetti

“Camelot” (Narcos: Mexico), by Eric Newman & Clayton Trussell
“The Car” (This Is Us), by Isaac Aptaker & Elizabeth Berger
“Episode 407” (The Affair), teleplay by Lydia Diamond & Sarah Sutherland; story by Jaquen Tee Castellanos & Sarah Sutherland
“First Blood” (The Handmaid’s Tale), by Eric Tuchman
“Paean To The People” (Homeland), by Alex Gansa — WINNER
“The Precious Blood of Jesus,” (Ozark), by David Manson

“Another Place” (Forever), teleplay by Alan Yang & Matt Hubbard; story by Aniz Adam Ansari
“Chapter One: Make Your Mark” (Barry), by Alec Berg & Bill Hader — WINNER
“Halibut!” (Santa Clarita Diet), by Victor Fresco
“Kimmy and the Beest!” (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), by Robert Carlock
“Pilot” (The Kids Are Alright), by Tim Doyle
“Who Knows Better Than I” (Orange Is the New Black), by Jenji Kohan

Full Frontal With Samantha Bee
Last Week Tonight With John Oliver — WINNER
Late Night With Seth Meyers
The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

At Home with Amy Sedaris
I Love You, America With Sarah Silverman
Nathan For You — WINNER
Saturday Night Live

2018 Rose Parade Hosted by Cord & Tish
Drew Michael Stand-Up Special
The Fake News With Ted Nelms — WINNER
The Oscars 2018

Hollywood Game Night
Paid Off with Michael Torpey
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire — WINNER

Days of Our Lives
General Hospital — WINNER

“Carnivorous Carnival: Part One” (A Series of Unfortunate Events), teleplay by Joe Tracz
“The Ersatz Elevator: Part One” (A Series of Unfortunate Events), teleplay by Daniel Handler — WINNER
“For The Last Time” (Andi Mack), by Jonathan S. Hurwitz
“Picture Day” (Alexa & Katie), by Ray Lancon
“Warehouse Towel Fight” fka “Emil Strikes Back” (Prince of Peoria), by Marty Donovan

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