Deion Sanders Has No Idea Where Mt. Rushmore Is, 'I Thought It Was In L.A.!'

deion sanders

Deion Sanders just made a shocking — and hilarious — admission … revealing Tuesday he had absolutely no clue where Mount Rushmore was located.

Prime acknowledged his geography deficiency as he was reflecting on his Colorado team’s performance this year with a gaggle of media members.

While trying to explain how he felt about his 4-7 Buffaloes squad … he said he has sky-high expectations — similar to the height of a famous mountain that he thought was situated in SoCal.

“What’s those little four heads that’s in California?” he asked reporters. “What they call those? The people’s faces engraved?”

When the room filled Sanders in that it was Mt. Rushmore — and that it was, in fact, located in South Dakota, Coach Prime couldn’t help but laugh.

“It’s in where?” he said. “I thought it was in L.A. all this time! Wow, my geography.”

mt. rushmore

To his credit, after chuckling for a few moments, Sanders thanked the crowd for “educating me.”

Being a tour guide clearly might not be in Deion’s future … but, fortunately for him, he doesn’t have to worry much about it — ’cause he’s a helluva coach!!

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