Stacey Solomon vows to be ‘unapologetically me’ in 2024 after ‘being held back’

TV personality Stacey Solomon opened up to her followers on her Instagram stories about some big changes she is going to make in her life as she enters 2024.

The Sort Your Life Out star announced that she is "so excited" for next year, before revealing that she feels like she has been "held back" over the last few years due to worrying about what "others think".

Before sharing a video montage as she cleaned out her office space, Stacey wrote on her stories: “I finished all my admin today & ended all my work meetings. Then I cleaned out the office and got it ready for 2024.

The mum of five continued: “I can honestly say I’m so excited for next year. I’m calling it the “f**k it” year because I think the last couple of years I’ve worried a little too much what others think & it’s held me back!"

“I'm not doing that next year! I’m going to do a massive January sort out through the house and through my brain and then just start being a bit more unapologetically me. And maybe throw myself into some things that scare me but also could be SUPER exciting! No pressure though because who needs that."

She finished off by asking her followers: “Do you have anything you’d love to do/change/start next year?"

Stacey, who has been keeping her followers entertained with her Christmas crafts, then shared some screen grabs as she was inundated with messages from her followers saying they "need to do the same".

Stacey added: "Looks like we are all in this together & im excited! Lets get sorted together & then just go for it this year! You deserve it! &you can 100% be exactly who you want to be.

"I feel like if we have each others backs it will be even better. I love you all so much. Best insta family anyone could wish for. 2024 better be ready for us."

Stacey's latest update follows after she showed off her singing talent as she took the stage for her grandma's birthday at her care home.

14 years after she first showed off her talent on the X Factor, Stacey shared that she was feeling nervous about showcasing her voice once more. She went on to share a touching video of her singing Over The Rainbow for her grandma's 95th birthday at the care home.

Showing off her incredible singing talents, she added the caption: "Happy 95th Grandma. I sang Christmas songs for grandma & her friends at the care home today for her birthday… You all messaged me asking if I’d post some singing on here. I find it all very embarrassing tbh and I feel like a cringe but it’s Christmas so here you go… "

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