The Sussexes are ‘deliberately trying to maintain a disconnect’ from the Windsors?

As I’ve said before, I believe that Prince Harry would like to have some kind of home or rental situation in the UK. That does not mean that he’s currently house-hunting in the UK, nor does it mean that he’s “begging” anyone for anything, especially his father. It’s merely a matter of convenience, especially given that Harry is due in the UK next January for a court appearance, and he’s likely to make several court appearances for his multiple press lawsuits over the next year. Harry had a perfectly good home in the UK, one which he and Meghan had renovated, leased and “paid back” to the tune of over £2 million. King Charles evicted the Sussexes from that family home, which is the root cause of all of this current “real estate drama” in the British media. Well, now the story is that Harry and Meghan are evil for wanting to not lease a royal property. These people, I swear to God.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are “deliberately trying to maintain a disconnect” from the Royal Family, according to one expert. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are reportedly looking to buy their own home in London to give them a base in Harry’s home country. It’s been reported that they want to “purchase a home themselves” instead of asking King Charles for a property on the royal estate.

One expert believes Meghan and Harry are preparing for another feud with the Royal Family, having dropped bombshell allegations about them in their explosive Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan. The Duke of Sussex made further claims about his family in his debut memoir, Spare.

PR expert Kieran Elsby said it’s “disappointing” to see Harry and Meghan “further distancing themselves” from The Firm. He told The Mirror: “While they’ve voiced their desire for privacy and independence, their actions, such as this potential property purchase, might be interpreted as a deliberate move to maintain a disconnect from the Royal Family.”

However, he suggested the couple consider having some sort of relationship with the Royal Family. “It’s essential for them to find a balance between personal freedom and maintaining some level of connection with the institution that has been a significant part of their lives,” he told us.
Kieran, director of Media PR Global, says it’s unclear whether or not their potential property purchase will worsen their relationship with the royals. “Whether this signifies another layer of the royal feud or not, it’s clear that the divide continues to widen,” he said.

Kieran’s comments come amid claims King Charles is “ready to reconcile” with Harry and Meghan. However, Dr Ed Owens, author of After Elizabeth: Can the Monarchy Save Itself? said the decision is ultimately down to Meghan and Harry.

“He is demonstrating he is ready to reconcile and that ultimately, the onus is on them to make a decision as to whether they want to heal the wounds that have opened up between them and the rest of the Royal Family. The King has done that quite successfully so far. He’s held the moral high ground, he’s presented himself as a conciliator. That is the best way to maintain his reputation as a public figure,” he told GB News.

[From The Daily Mirror]

Charles has done nothing of the kind, he has no moral high ground and he looks like and IS a dogs-t father who evicted his son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren from a secure UK home. Charles evicted them out of nothing but short-sighted spite, not some kind of high-minded moral imperative. And now that’s being used as an excuse to blast the Sussexes for “wanting to maintain a disconnect.” These people are gaslighting abusers. Something curious, though – in his last two visits to the UK, Harry didn’t stay at Frogmore Cottage or any royal property. It’s bonkers to me that the British media still can’t figure out where he was staying? There was some report that he stayed at a hotel in September, but surely we would have gotten confirmation of that at the time? The lack of reporting on that speaks to how thoroughly Harry can move around without the royals monitoring him.

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