U2 Debut New Song 'Atomic City' During Las Vegas Video Shoot

U2 debuted a new song, “Atomic City,” on September 16th on Fremont Street in Las Vegas while shooting a low budget video for the track.

The visual was shot before midnight as Bono and company performed the song multiple times to a pre-recorded track.

“Atomic City” takes its title from Las Vegas’ nickname during the days of nuclear bomb testing in the 1950s, when tourism spiked both from gambling and the ability to view the tests in the desert outskirts of the city.

Bono described the track as a “rock n’ roll 45 [rpm single] in the tradition of late-Seventies post-punk, Blondie, the Clash.”

“We hope you like this song, it was written about you. It’s called ‘Atomic City,’ which is an old nickname for Las Vegas. I don’t know if you knew that. We just recorded this song last week, so we’re making a video for a song that isn’t finished,” Bono shared from the stage.

He continued, “This is the world premiere of ‘Atomic City,’ a rock and roll 45 in the tradition of late 70s post-punk if you’re interested — Blondie, The Clash, some early 70s Cozy Powell. We’ll take it from everywhere.”

The video shoot featured the band accompanied by drummer Larry Mullen Jr., who will not be partaking in the MSG Sphere residency while he continues his recovery from back surgery.

“The four of us recorded the song. Sadly, Larry Mullen Jr. won’t be with us at the Sphere,” Bono told the crowd, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “He doesn’t listen to doctor’s orders. Neither do many of us. But he is here tonight … Give it up for Larry Mullen.

The song is expected to be released in conjunction with the launch of U2’s residency show at the Venetian’s Sphere venue on September 29.

(Photo: Olaf Heine)

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