Willow & Jaden Smith ‘feel bad for their dad’ in the wake of Jada’s memoir

For the past week, Jada Pinkett Smith has been promoting her memoir, Worthy, and talking all about her marriage to Will Smith. They’ve been separated since 2016-ish, although they have no plans to divorce and they still talk about how much they love each other. Will has made some public comments in support of Jada and her memoir, although this week he also posted an Instagram with the message “notifications off.” I guess we’re supposed to believe that he’s not paying attention to all of the noise. So be it – that’s actually pretty healthy. Meanwhile, we haven’t heard anything from Will and Jada’s adult children, Willow (22) and Jaden (25). According to Entertainment Tonight, they’re really tired of their parents making everything so damn public.

The Smith kids are wishing for privacy. Amid Jada Pinkett Smith’s recent shocking revelations — most notably that she and Will Smith have been separated for seven years — a source tells ET that their kids, Willow Smith and Jaden Smith, “feel bad for their dad with all the recent headlines about their parents.”

“They know he has been going through a lot lately and this isn’t helping,” the source says of the Smith kids, which also includes Trey Smith, whom Will shares with his ex-wife, Sheree Zampino. “They wish some of their family’s private matters remained private.”

As for the 55-year-old actor, the source says he’s “trying to stay busy and has been hanging out with his good friends and his kids.”

“He’s trying not to let any outside noise impact him,” the source says. “Will loves Jada and feels like he has always had her back and always will. He has been trying to be supportive, while also taking care of himself.”

[From ET]

I’ll admit that I feel bad for Will too. Jada has made it clear that she’s still ride-or-die for Will (just in a separate home), but I also feel… no one would really hold it against Will if he got a divorce and started a life away from Jada. I don’t think Jada is toxic or whatever, but clearly, they have outgrown each other and it feels like this situation, which they both created, has outlived its usefulness. It’s stagnant. As for the oversharing… Will overshared like crazy when he wrote his memoir. Still, I feel for Willow and Jaden. They don’t want any part of their parents’ dramas.

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