Beauty fan shares the genius way to find the perfect shade of lipstick for you – just by looking down your top | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan has left people stunned by revealing just how to find your perfect shade of lipstick.

Claire explained that you just need to look down your top to work out your ideal lippy colour.

"If you want to find the perfect, everyday lipstick shade, you want to match it to your nipples," she explained in a video on her Instagram page.

As she swiped Milani's liquid lipstick in Vibe onto her own pout, she joked: "So you know what colour mine are!"

She then pulled her top forward to have a look down it, as she said: "That is a spot on match!"

In comments on other videos citing the trend, people questioned exactly how they were supposed to colour match their lipstick when out and about.

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"So now must I whip my nipple out in the middle of the store to colour match or…?" one asked.

"They say your perfect nude lipstick shade should match your nipples but whenever I try to find a match the stores security escorts me out," someone else joked.

The reason nipples provide a good colour base to choose a lipstick from is because they tend to be one or two shades darker than our skintone.

Celebrity make-up artist Alexis Oakley, who has worked with stars including Demi Lovato and Kris Jenner, weighed in on the trend as she said: "Generally, your natural lip shade is the same colour as your nipple.

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"If you are using this method to search for a nude lipstick, it will give your the perfect nude lip for your skin tone," she confirmed to Popsugar.

However, another celeb make-up artist, Molly R. Stern, told Allure that while it's a "creative" way to find the perfect nude lippy, it's not one she's tried.

But that's not to say it wouldn't work, as she said picking a lipstick in the same shade as your nipples would likely be complementary to your natural complexion.

"Generally, when I'm choosing a nude in a more traditional fashion, I choose a color that is either one shade darker than my natural skin tone or one shade lighter than my natural skin tone," she said.

"In doing this I never feel too washed out, as the nude colour on the lips doesn't match the skin exactly.

"If the colour is too close to the skin colour it can have a deadening effect."

But some women who have tried the hack insist it's worth giving a go.

"Just wanted to share that I'm wearing lipstick and it's flattering cause I learned to colour match my lipstick to my nipple colour," one woman raved.

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