I went to the UK's fifth most popular Christmas market and it was literal hell – there's absolutely no point in going | The Sun

EVERYONE loves a Christmas market… don't they?

Well, it seems that not everyone's a fan – with one woman insisting there's "absolutely no point" in trying to visit the York Christmas market.

Beth explained that while the market is ranked number five in the UK's top Christmas markets to visit, it's just too busy to actually enjoy.

"If you're thinking to come into York Christmas market on a Saturday, can you just not?" she said in a video on her TikTok page.

"I'm gonna show you exactly what there's just absolutely no point.

"If you actually managed to get parked, good luck with that, and then you get into town, these are the crowds you are faced with."

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Her video showed people swarming the streets, packed together like sardines.

"You will not be able to go to a single food stall because it's absolutely ridiculous," she sighed.

And, as a resident of York, she bemoans the busy streets because it meant she "couldn't even get to McDonald's to get a hot chocolate".

"If I'm honest, York Christmas market isn't even that good," she continued.

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"Leeds, Manchester, there's so many better ones.

"And everyone just makes it literal hell for people who actually live here."

People were quick to comment on the video, with one writing: "

"I honestly don't understand Xmas markets, they're overpriced tat," one wrote.

"People have lost their minds!"

"This proper tickled me because such a mood as a local!" another added.

"York on a weekend is VILE!"

"I love york but it’s so bad living here at winter times," a third agreed.

"Can’t go into town at all!"

"All Xmas markets are like this, it ruins the experience so I just don't go" someone else insisted.

"Edinburgh is a nightmare with it!"

As another wrote: "My mum's been to Manchester today she rang me in tears she was getting crushed in the crowds of people.

"People were screaming and shouting coz they physically couldn’t move.

"Then a Christmas parade happened and it just got out of control apparently."

"Liverpool was shocking on Saturday," someone else said.

"No nice stalls just food or drink!"

"I live york and just will not go," another wrote.

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"I don’t blame you!!" Beth replied.

"Weekdays are much nicer though! I’ve just walked through now and it’s quiet!"

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