I'm a doctor and my 11-minute-a-week hack will reduce wrinkles for FREE – but be prepared to be cold | The Sun

A DOCTOR has revealed how an unconventional 11-minutes-a-week ritual is her secret weapon to ageing backwards. 

Dr. Poonam Desai is a celebrity physician that specialises in anti-ageing medicine – but one of her hacks for being wrinkle-free won’t cost a penny. 

She says you need 11 minutes worth of cold water exposure each week.

For most people, this will look like a blast of cold water in your daily shower. 

To reap the benefits of cold water exposure, Dr Poonam says that 11-minutes a week is the sweet spot. 

You can divide this into two to three minute blasts across the week. 

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“Some of the benefits of exposure include boosting collagen,” she explained. 

“So what that means is it helps reduce wrinkles and increase the elasticity of our skin.

“It also helps reduce stress, decrease inflammation and it may even improve our sleep.”

Collagen has become a skincare buzz word in recent years. 

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It is a protein spiral that forms a net throughout the body and is responsible for making skin elastic, making joints flexible and making bones strong.

Collagen in the body peaks between 25 and 34, according to experts. 

From the age of 30, it typically reduces naturally by 2% each year, which is why our appearance starts to age. 

Research has found that stimulating the production of collagen naturally can help reduce the physical signs of ageing.

Dr. Poonam is urging her followers to blast themselves with cold water in the shower to help stimulate the production of collagen.

Other ways to experience cold water exposure are taking an ice bath or running into the sea if you live by the coast. 

“If you haven’t tried cold exposure, definitely add that into your routine,” Dr Poonam added in her Instagram video.

“It has many benefits for our overall health.”

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