My Shein one-piece snapped open when I went to pick up my youngest, I took it as a sign from the universe | The Sun

A BUSY mom has revealed how a problem with her one-piece Shein swimsuit gave her the confidence to wear a revealing bikini.

She explained that an unexpected fashion failure happened when she bent down to pick up her youngest child.

Marisa Bowers (@marisabowers) shares random moments in her life with over 1,000 followers on TikTok.

She took to the social media platform to explain what inspired her to swap a one-piece swimsuit for something more revealing.

She said: “Last year I bought a bunch of swimsuits from Shein.

“I put one on this year because I thought ‘I’m gonna finally wear it.’ It’s kind of like a cute one-piece with a lot of peek-a-boo moments.”

Marisa lifted up the pink top that she was wearing to reveal a floral print swimsuit as she began to explain what went wrong.

She continued: “I bent down to pick up my youngest and the string broke so it will no longer be connected.”

She showed the string that ties in the center of the swimwear had broken and the bathing suit would no longer be possible to wear without exposing her chest.

The mom revealed the other connecting ties that keep it in place were still secured around her stomach.

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She said: “Anyways I just take that as a sign from the universe to just wear the two-piece.

“Just wear it, who cares?”

Marisa donned a gray combat print sports bra from Amazon and black bikini bottoms with a fashionable shorts coverup as she embraced her decision to reveal more of her body.

She showed her figure from different angles before shrugging as she accepted the one-piece wasn’t wearable.

She captioned the post: “Swimsuit fail [laughing].”

Hundreds of people watched the video and it received a number of likes from those reassuring her that it was a sign to go ahead with the two-piece.

One person wrote: “Oh no! I’ve heard that happens a lot but it’s cute! Wear the bikini!”

Another commented: “Exactly!! Whooo cares!! You look good girl!”

A third chimed in: “I love the two-piece!”

The wardrobe malfunction comes after another TikToker was left red-faced by a similar swimwear mishap.

Felicia (@feliciabaney) has garnered over 125,000 followers on TikTok, where she posts fun dancing videos.

She was frolicking by an outdoor swimming pool in a green bikini when one strap suddenly snapped. 

She gasped in shock but continued to dance after checking that her breast wasn’t exposed.

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Felicia said: “Remind me to not wear this bikini to the beach! Thank you!

“It snapped before I even hit the woah.”

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