Shoppers are horrified by Y2K fashion trend that's making a comeback – but so many are secretly loving it | The Sun

THE RETURN of a Y2K-inspired top has left social media users totally divided, as some are racing to the high street to snap it up.

From the hideous slouch boots to the infamous disc belts – now available at Urban Outfitters for an astronomical £36 – the early 2000s were notorious for questionable outfit pairings and trends.

But just as we have managed to recover from wearing dresses with jeans, some horrific Y2K fashion trends are here to haunt us once again.

One of them – a tight long-sleeve top with a spaghetti vest underneath – was recently spotted by a shopper Taylor.

Mortified by the discovery, the customer, who had seen the garment at Stradivarius, took to TikTok to share the devastating news.

''immediately no let not make this make a come back [sic],'' she begged in the caption of the clip.

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According to Taylor, whose video has been viewed over 4.6million times in just one day, the buttoned top was giving her ''Elena Gilbert'' vibes.

The fictional character, played by Nina Dobrev, is one of the main stars on the popular TV drama series The Vampire Diaries.

But whilst the young fashionista may have been totally horrified by the trend returning, some were secretly loving it.

One fan of the look couldn't wait to dash to the narest store to snap it up, writing: ''will be purchasing.''

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Someone else agreed, adding: ''Would be cute with sweats tho.''

''I literally just bought it,'' a third revealed.


However, there were also plenty of those on the platform who were lost for words.

''The mid 2000s are back 😭😭,'' a style lover cried.

''Stopppp i seen this in stradivarius the other week and thought elena what are you doing here [sic],'' a fellow customer chimed in.

Another once-popular trend that's, sadly, making a comeback is sporting asymmetrical dresses over denim bottoms – and people are feeling more nauseous than nostalgic.

In the Autumn/Winter 2023 fashion shows style lovers saw models sashay down the runway rocking the look in a number of ways, as numerous influencers followed suit.

Since then, the rather bold outfit choice has also has trickled down into popular high street stores, with Urban Outfitters and Ragged Priest jumping on the bandwagon.

For those fully committing to the cause, you can also snap up jeans with an inbuilt skirt and belt – however, we doubt it'll become a hit any time soon…

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