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WHEN Elisabeth Goracke matched with Joshua Colbert on a dating app in April this year, she couldn’t begin to guess the amazing coincidences that united them.

Because not only had they both been born on the same day at the same hospital ward, just hours apart, they had attended the same nursery too.

As toddlers they were great pals. Even more shockingly they were pictured in a pre-school yearbook together, side by side.

But Joshua had moved away – so there was no reason for them to connect as adults.

Elisabeth, 35, said: “We couldn’t believe it when we started talking. 

“I checked him out on social media, and found he had the same birthday as me. And it all started from there.



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‘To think that our mums were on the same hospital ward with us as babies, and we are now married is definitely a sign that we were meant to be together.’

Elisabeth had only been on one date on the dating app after divorcing her husband.

“It was scary starting to date again, as a single mum of two young children,” she said. "I’d been on one date already which hadn’t gone anywhere. 

“But Josh’s photo caught my eye straight away.”

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And Josh agreed. 

He said: “I’d almost given up on the dating app. I’d been on and off it for about a year, and I’d been on dates, but nothing serious. I was also divorced too, like Elisabeth. 

“I liked her straight away, and we talked all the way through that first night.

“We live an hour-and-a-half apart, but we arranged to meet up and  went on our first date at a restaurant. It was love at first sight for me as soon as she walked through the door.”

To think that our mums were on the same hospital ward with us as babies, and we are now married is definitely a sign that we were meant to be together."

Elisabeth says: “We couldn’t believe that when we met one the dating app, Josh didn’t even live in the area anymore, so we had no idea that he could have possibly been born in the same hospital as me. 

“He has travelled a lot because of being in the army.’”

The pair were excited to tell their parents. Joshua's mum Alice had died when he was just seven years old, after complications from surgery. And his dad doesn’t remember Elisabeth’s mum Pam from the hospital ward.

But Pam was gobsmacked when she heard of the reunion.

“I took him to meet my parents a week after our first date, and we then told them about us being born on the same day in the same hospital ward,” she said. 

“Mum didn’t remember Josh’s mum, but then we looked out old nursery photos and found pics of us together and she couldn’t believe it.

“And we know that Alice would have been just as amazed as mum was, that all those years after being born on the same day, in the same ward, that Josh and I ended up meeting each other and getting together. 

“She would have been so pleased and proud.”

Since their first date where they talked for four hours solidly, the couple went from strength to strength and got married at a church in Minnesota,USA.

They were married by Elisabeth’s father Alan, who is an ordained minister. 

“It was an amazing day, and it felt so right to be marrying Joshua,” said Elisabeth. 

“He has all the qualities I look for in a person. We share the same religious beliefs, and he is a hard worker too – he’s a veteran that has served his country.

“He is a great step-dad to my children Chloe, eight, and Knox, six. He is so thoughtful, kind and witty and we share the same sense of wonder.

“We were definitely meant to meet again, and be together, we feel so blessed. 

“We weren’t ready for each other until now. We have to pinch ourselves to believe it actually happened.”

The pair chose their 35th birthday to tie the knot – on September 13th – as it was such a special date for both of them.  

And they also discovered, too, that Alan is Joshua’s middle name – the same name as Elisabeth’s dad, her son and brother too. 

“We laughed and called them the ‘Alan Barbershop Quartet,” said Elisabeth. 

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“He’s definitely part of the family now.

“We are hoping to have a baby together too, and if we do,  we will tell them when they are old enough of how remarkable it was that we met and got married.”

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