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MOST people are completely oblivious when their partner starts flirting with somebody else online. 

But for a small group of women, it’s no secret: they’ve in fact secretly hired a professional honey trapper to entice their other half, and see if he stays faithful. 

One such savvy seductress is Madeline Smith, who posts on social media as @MadelineTheReal. 

The blonde bombshell has made honey trapping a lucrative business: within a couple of clicks, you can choose to test your partner on Instagram (£35), Facebook (£35) or via text (£60). 

If you can’t wait, you can cash out an expedited fee of £80 to get your test started within 24 hours. 

Madeline tells Fabulous that there are three red flags to look out for that your man could be playing away from home.


“The first thing I tell people to look out for is secrecy with their phone,” she advises.  

It's important to still keep your privacy in a relationship, she insists, but if they're nervy when you look over their shoulder or frequently leave their phone turned over and the like, it's often a bad sign.

“I'm not talking 3 months into the relationship and you should expect full access.

"But there are many women who have been with their partner for years and have no idea what the passcode is to their phone, have no idea who they are talking to, and no idea what apps they are using. 

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“Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing.”


Her next warning is about men who appear defensive as soon as you approach them with your insecurities. 

“Oh boy is that a big one. If you can't have a simple conversation with your partner about the things that upset you while in the meantime they twist things around on you when you've exhibited little to none of the behaviour they're accusing you of…bad sign."

Madeline says that a man flipping out at you for expressing how you feel is often a side that there's something they're not being fully honest about.

"I know gaslighting is a big buzz word right now but it comes in many forms, most of which people aren't quite aware of all the facets in which someone can gas light you.

To put things simply, if they call you "jealous", "insecure", "crazy", "controlling" for feeling the way you're feeling when it's a perfectly reasonable emotion you're expressing.

"You can bet your a** they've got something going on. "


Her final red flag is a “lack of boundaries” within your relationship – but she acknowledges women can sometimes be guilty of skirting around what they truly want. 

“First of all, in order for your boundaries to be violated they first need to be expressed. Your partner can't read your mind and vice versa."

But once you've told your man how you expect them to behave when it comes to engaging with other women, if they continue to disrespect that, you probably want to take a look at your relationship.

“If you directly, honestly, and calmly expressed your feelings, thoughts, and boundaries surrounding certain subjects/situations and it's deliberately ignored, it's because they can't or don't want to operate on that same level and are likely participating in the very activities you have expressed are a violation to you.”


The savvy seductress will do everything she can to test your man, tailoring her content to engage with each client, finding out about their interests so she can appeal to them as much as possible. 

Depending on the fee, she will even try and entice him with raunchy texts and snaps.

The 30-year-old influencer from LA then – if the woman who orders the test agrees to it – posts screenshots of the conversations on TikTok, where she’s racked up 187k followers. 

Madeline tells Fabulous that she started loyalty testing as a way of “helping some friends and acquaintances in a few very tense and serious legal cases and custody battles”.

According to the savvy TikToker, it was a way to show her support for the women going through a tough time, and to do everything she could to help uncover the truth.

“For so long, women have been pit against each other and viewed each other as enemies or competition,” she argues. 

“I think there’s nothing more sacred than sisterhood and the invaluable love and support that a woman can bring.

“When you can band together with a common goal and use your divine gifts as women to do good, it creates a bond and experience that’s unlike any other.”

Madeline has since posted nearly 100 clips of the exchanges on her TikTok page, racking up a whopping 3.9m likes on her content. 

“About 85% of men fail,” she reveals, admitting that the figure sounds discouraging, but to remember people are often testing their partners because they “have a history or inclination toward dishonesty and cheating”. 

And while it can be disheartening to be dealing with no-good men all day, Madeline says there’s pretty humourous elements to the job as well. 

“The funniest response I’ve ever had is when a guy was entertaining conversation with me and the woman broke up with him and told him it was a loyalty test.


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“I had acted like I needed a tour of the guy's city to break the ice and hit on him. After they broke up, he came back a couple weeks later and messaged me on a business account of mine that he found and asked me if I still wanted a tour guide.” 

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