You have 20/20 vision if you can find the hidden footprint in the busy commuting scene in under nine seconds | The Sun

YOU could have 20/20 vision if you can spot the hidden footprint in this busy scene. 

This illusion is extra tricky as viewers are under time pressure and only have nine seconds to find the solution.

The brainteaser showed a number of commuter related drawings across the image. 

Different modes of transportation are spread across the illusion like trains, cars, and bikes.

A hidden footprint is among these other modes of transportation, in the image created by Flotilla. 

Flotilla is a net zero consulting company that helps businesses reduce their carbon through education and tools to meet green targets. 

Research, conducted by Flotilla, suggests that the average person will commute to work on four out of their five working days.

So can you find the hidden sustainable footprint in this illusion?

If you can’t here is a clue.

Look towards the corners of the image.

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If you still can’t spot the small footprint here is another clue.

Look towards the right bottom corner, you might find it nestled between other modes of transport.

Don’t worry if you still can’t spot the solution or if you could not do it in less than nine seconds as the answer is down below. 

Why not try another optical illusion to double-check your 20/20 vision? 

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Optical illusions can also reveal if you have a high IQ. 

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