Biohacker Bryan Johnson reveals he shocks his penis

Millionaire biohacker Bryan Johnson, 46, claims he has reverse-aged his PENIS by 15 years by using SHOCK therapy on his genitals – revealing he is aiming to have ‘the erections of an 18 year old’

  •  Bryan Johnson, 46, said he wears a small device on his penis every night
  • He undergoes shock wave therapy on his penis to improve erection length
  •  He says his penis is 15 years younger because of it but is yet to reach his goal 

Biohacker Bryan Johnson has claimed that he has managed to reverse-age his penis by 15 years thanks to his controversial de-aging methods – which include using electric shock therapy to ‘rejuvenate’ his genitals.

Johnson, 46, has raised some eyebrows after sharing his pursuit to live forever – which have included swapping blood with his father and his teenage son – and he had made it very clear he means he wants every part of him to be working for longer.

The millionaire isn’t only focusing on his physical health, revealing he also wears a device on his penis to measure nighttime erections – which he says is indicative of how his health is improving.

‘Everyone should know these three things: [how] much you weigh, how fast you’re aging and the duration of your nighttime erections,’ the health junkie told podcast host Steven Barnett when he appeared on an episode of The Dairy of a CEO.

Bryan Johnson (pictured) appeared on the Diary of a CEO podcast,  revealing his penis is 15 years younger thanks to his controversial de-aging methods

He told podcast host Steven Bartlett that his treatments include using electric shock therapy to ‘rejuvenate’ the penis

According to the biohacker – whose goal is the have the nighttime erection duration of an 18-year-old – the data is ‘really important’ because it represents overall health.

‘This data is really important because it represents psychological Health Sexual Health,’ Johnson explained. 

This measure of sexual function, he explained on the podcast could help predict other health outcomes like cardiovascular fitness. 

‘Cardiovascular health (for people are not familiar) you can go to the gym and build big biceps or whatever, but people are not familiar that nighttime erections are actually a meaningful health indicator,’ the father-of-three said. 

Amongst other therapies he uses to reverse his age, Johnson explained he uses focused shock wave therapy to improve his erection duration while he sleeps.

‘So there’s this technology: you have a wand and you sit in a chair and then the technician uses the wand and basically shocks your penis through the acoustic technology,’ the entrepreneur said.

He compared the unusual method to healing a torn ligament or injured joint.

‘You’re creating micro injuries so then it rebuilds,’ he said. ‘And so this technology is used for all over the entire body if you’re trying to heal an ACL or you’re trying to rejuvenate the knees [or] the joints shoulders.’

He continued: ‘So it’s a technology that has a broad range of applications, it’s also used for erectile dysfunction.’ 

Johnson told Bartlett everyone should know ‘these three things: [how] much you weigh, how fast you’re aging and the duration of your nighttime erections’

Bryan’s biohacking and restrictive diet have transformed his appearance, shown in 2018 (left) and 2023 (right)

In August, Johnson tweeted this graphic as an update on his progress since he started wearing a small device on his penis and doing shockwave therapy. His goal is to have a penile age of 18

The millionaire has previously shared insight into his meticulous morning routine, which sees him waking up between 4:30-6am and spending time in front of a UV light

‘I have no sexual dysfunction,’ he continued. ‘I score perfect in every category, [but] we were wondering if you take this therapy this focus shock wave therapy and if it will just basically rejuvenate the penis and increase nighttime erections.’

Johnson says that so far he’s been ‘shocked’ by the results.

‘I’m now two months in [and] my subjective experience is it’s as if my penis has gotten like 15 years younger,’ he claimed. ‘So we’re still in the early stages, we still need to measure we need data before we’re going to believe anything subjectively.’

He went on to show Bartlett the device he uses, which looks like an square AirPod case with a stretchy band attached.

He explained he puts it around the base of his penis and assured Bartlett that once he’s asleep he doesn’t feel it.

‘Throughout the night when you become erect the expansion of your penis will be captured by that device and it will show how many erections you had, and for what duration and what strength,’ he explained.

In August, Johnson shared an update on his penis rejuvenation program, revealing that he had succeeded in achieving several of his goals – perfect erectile function and a perfect ‘erection hardness score’. 

At the time, he noted that his nocturnal erections were akin to those of a 49 year old, explaining that he was aiming to achieve a penile age of 18.

Johnson explained the measure of sexual function could help predict other health outcomes like cardiovascular fitness (he is pictured here with father and son)

A team of more than 30 doctors routinely measure Bryan’s  blood, heart, liver, kidneys, brain, blood vessels, and sexual health

His quest for youth started in 2020, and since then has spent an estimated $6 million. 

His  regime, which costs about $2 million per year, which includes swapping blood with his father and his teenage son, gobbling down 80 vitamins and minerals a day, and eating 70 pounds of pureed vegetables a month.

Johnson has made millions off his online payment platform Braintree which, in a span of just three years, garnered nearly $5 million in revenue.

In 2012, profits ballooned with Braintree’s $26 million acquisition of Venmo, and by the following year, was bought out by PayPal for $800 million.

He has since developed a company aimed at improving the quality and access to high-tech brain scans meant to spot oncoming diseases early, earning him a mountain of revenue to put toward his health endeavors such as devices to measure nocturnal erections and a blood plasma exchange with his teenage son.

A team of more than 30 doctors routinely measure his blood, heart, liver, kidneys, brain, blood vessels, and sexual health.

He claims he now has the heart of a 37-year-old, the skin of a 28-year-old, and the fitness of an 18-year-old.

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